Kate Gosselin Sues Ex for Alleged Hacking to Pen Tell-All Book

Jon Gosselin accused of hacking ex-wife's computer and phone to write latest memoir.
2:43 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for Kate Gosselin Sues Ex for Alleged Hacking to Pen Tell-All Book
beginning with jon and kate gosselin, back in the news. The divorced former reality tv stars are locked in another bitter dispute. Kate is suing her ex-husband, accusing him of hacking into her computer and telephone, so he could write a tell-all book. Abc's gio benitez is here. I can't believe we're hearing another spat from the gosselins in the news. Here's another headline. And the former reality tv star says, jon not only violated her privacity, but accuses him of breaking federal laws. This morning, it's being called a bombshell lawsuit. Stand with me or stand I'll talk in here. Reporter: The marriage and parenting ups and downs were there for all to see. The tlc show, "jon & kate plus 8." They have nothing to wear. Reporter: Jon and kate gosselin, raising their eight kids together, until they split up in 2009. Don't squish the cereal in anger. Reporter: The divorce landed the couple in headline after headline. This morning, it has landed them in court, with kate alleging jon illegally hacked into kate's e-mail account, phone and bank accounts. In a lawsuit filed in federal court on monday, she also says jon stole a hard drive from kate's house. She has as much right as this being kept private as anyone. Reporter: The lawsuit claims jon gave the contents of kate's e-mail account and hard drive to his friend, to help with his book. Katie couric asked kate about the tell-all last fall. It says among other things that you mistreat your kids. What did you think about that book? Honestly, although I would love to, I advise not to say anything about it at this time. Reporter: The legal team for the former "dancing with the stars" contestant, got amazon.Com and others to dump the book. On the blog, he calls the material completely legal, saying he pulled it from kate's own trash. They claim they got this information by digging through her trash, we look forward to exploring that through discovery. Reporter: Meanwhile, kate and jon's relationship is said to be less toxic than it was years ago. They've each told "people" magazine, they now lead more simple lives. She's being careful with her money. But her kids are doing well. Jon said for his part, when he has his days with the kids, he doesn't answer phone calls. He's fully focused on being a dad. Reporter: We were not able to reach jon or the author of that book for comment. Kate is asking for an undisclosed amount of money, because jon damaged her reputation. Just then, with the book. Yeah. All that reality tv, didn't do it. Thanks, gio.

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{"id":20091762,"title":"Kate Gosselin Sues Ex for Alleged Hacking to Pen Tell-All Book","duration":"2:43","description":"Jon Gosselin accused of hacking ex-wife's computer and phone to write latest memoir.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-gosselin-sues-husband-jon-gosselin-alleged-hacking-20091762","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}