Kate Middleton's Slip of Tongue Starts Baby Gender Rumors

Some say duchess of Cambridge's recent comments reveal the sex of Prince William's child.
2:34 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton's Slip of Tongue Starts Baby Gender Rumors
Reporter: Oh, it really is, george. Good morning to you. Well, this small slip of a tongue may have been small, but, boy, is it making huge headlines in the papers this morning. Take a look at this one. It says "it's a girl!" Here's what happened. At a charity function in grimesby, she was given a small teddy bear by a well wisher. Kate smiling away replied and said, thank you, I will keep this for my "d" and before she could complete the word she stopped herself. The well wisher then asked her, you were going to say daughter. Kate replied insisting, no, i wasn't. We don't know yet and we're not telling and this is unprecedented that the sex of a royal baby is revealed before it's born. Now, the palace is not commenting on whether the couple is having a boy or girl. Only confirming to us this morning, quote, they're expecting a baby. George. Okay, lama, thanks. For more our royal expert, victoria. Thanks for coming in. Any doubt? I think there's a lot of doubt. This is a stretch as far as I'm concerned. This crowd was 2,000 strong waiting hours to see kate. It was a lady that was one removed from the lady presenting the teddy bear. I think if kate was going to say anything she was going to give it to her dog and she -- that's what twitter believes. Maybe she felt like she was going to offend that person by saying she was going to give it as a chew toy. Their dog is their first baby, anyone a dog owner. Kate hasn't had the actual baby yet. She's a well-mannered, polite lady and stopped herself just in time and I would say -- oh. You think she knows. I don't think she knows. We generally don't find out in the uk. We don't do baby showers or gender reveal parties. They're very traditional in their approach to everything. I would be surprised if they even found out. There was talk diana found out when she was pregnant but back in those days it was huge pressure to have a boy first so I think she found out just to cut herself an easy break. Now it doesn't matter as much. It doesn't matter as much. Regardless of whether kate has a boy or a girl, that child will be the rightful heir to the throne so kate can kick back. How about queen elizabeth? We saw her in the hospital. She's doing very well. Yes, she's at home resting. Prince philip and countess of wessex filled in for her at buckingham palace. Monday she's doing a series of engagements on behalf of the commonwealth at westminster abbey. Victoria, thanks very much. Now to that major headline about tv icon valerie harper.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Some say duchess of Cambridge's recent comments reveal the sex of Prince William's child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18665447","title":"Kate Middleton's Slip of Tongue Starts Baby Gender Rumors","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-baby-gender-rumors-slip-tongue-starts-18665447"}