Kate Middleton in Hospital to Have Royal Baby

The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted into St. Mary's Hospital in London.
2:41 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton in Hospital to Have Royal Baby
We have breaking news good breaking news coming out of London this morning. The duchess of Cambridge has now been admitted to the hospital in London in early stages of labor. But at the very latest from ABC's problem has -- -- outside Saint Mary's hospital in London where there is just a bevy of activity good morning I'm not. Good morning to you -- this place is a hive of activity this morning and I think it's safe to say that the great Kate wait -- over. The excitement the anticipation is building here it is the news that a lot of people around the world have been waiting for. And it came in the form of a formal announcement released -- Kensington Palace. That's half a few details but boy they vital details including. For the duchess of Cambridge at once admitted to Saint Mary's hospital here. Behind me earlier this morning in the early stages of labor -- on the stand. That she was driven from Kensington Palace by car was also accompanied by her husband Prince William -- -- He's always bound to be by his wife signed when she does go into labor that we understand that Kate we'll have an expert medical care of the queen gynecologist. Not to Marcus -- -- we also know. That William -- Kate to not know the gender at the baby they want -- To be a surprise but we do know this. The official Michael will be prince or princess of Cambridge parents you -- will be third in -- to the throat but I can tell you everyone here. He's very slices. I'm a very exciting we don't how long we're gonna have to wait but quickly take us through the process it's not going to be a situation where the babies born and it's -- -- be its -- -- he's gonna run out on the stairs and tell you people standing there. There's lot of formality to -- what happens. There is a lot of -- -- yes and and that it would indicate all of a very -- couple but they are still sticking to boil traditions and here's what happens. -- just how the first formal announcement there will be a second formal announcement. He medical -- or dentists if you like we'll be carried down these steps behind me here outside -- in debt weighing. Carried by a royal -- Runs to Buckingham Palace escorted by police -- That note we'll have information such as the gender the way to any other details about -- -- -- not to release -- points. The dentists will be put off. On the easel in the full -- of Buckingham Palace and that's when the world. Will know and we'll find out any other details that they can release they will do if you were pulled when Prince William with school and they pretty steep -- -- he has. -- lies and cried laxity of course that we the second announcement the final and third announcement is when the duke and duchess of Cambridge. We'll leave the hospital so those -- sort of royal traditions that this couple will be sticking to it.

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{"id":19731452,"title":"Kate Middleton in Hospital to Have Royal Baby","duration":"2:41","description":"The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted into St. Mary's Hospital in London.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-in-hospital-to-have-royal-baby-19731452","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}