Kate Middleton's Baby: Bookies Take Bets

Big bets are being placed on the sex, birth date and name of the royal baby.
3:00 | 05/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kate Middleton's Baby: Bookies Take Bets
While the world's most anticipated due date is turning the royal baby watch into a betting sport if prince William and -- every move it isn't exciting enough. Their baby is seeing more action in the Las Vegas during the Super Bowl bookings are -- odds on the sex birth -- name everything's. An ABC's Barbara Walters looks at some of the -- that. -- -- -- making the most anticipated delivery on the planet. Undercuts -- -- expected savings from royal air is on the way am confident you would hide along -- you might have. -- expectations. Self expression hope Hingis. Well into his expertise and an effective and full of excellence in working with -- She was being. Strength. Passion for the crown. And speaking of history. The British parliament just made some -- majesty has given -- Reuters. I changed to a 300 hero tomorrow which will now William and -- -- -- doctor if indeed is a doctor. -- -- -- -- -- Without the example of the -- doing -- fantastic job the 61 years nobody can argue that you have to have a man. But you can bet he -- cookies and making -- -- thanking god some of the -- have that history making your office. Powerful and -- one of beach. -- -- -- -- -- We took us about the reality of -- -- -- it's about 33 to watch -- And not take bets on just about anything royal baby from the best way to the seventeenth. Of July wet leasing makes the money to hand -- Doubt was favorite band on -- brought. On the outside it was ginger and -- a lot that goes Harry's coaching -- it was -- oh my -- Piled it on the -- -- now report to one. And two pound cake and deliver. Professional whether she has a caesarean section don't know all the money you've been through cesarean section people really believe he's brought them. Really England's baby food for the world's maybe too posh to push -- that term before. Thanks of our club restaurant that -- land all right thanks Barbara in the 20/20 -- -- Barbara Walters bringing up baby royal edition airs tomorrow night at 10 o'clock eastern 910.

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{"id":19259546,"title":"Kate Middleton's Baby: Bookies Take Bets","duration":"3:00","description":"Big bets are being placed on the sex, birth date and name of the royal baby.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middletons-baby-bookies-bets-19259546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}