A.J. McCarron's Girlfriend Is Web's Latest Crush

Katherine Webb's Twitter following grew by nearly 100,000 followers after TV appearance.
2:41 | 01/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A.J. McCarron's Girlfriend Is Web's Latest Crush
You quarterbacks you get all -- good look at live shots of. The announcers of Monday night's game seemed to be mesmerized by one particularly. Pretty -- Cheering on the Crimson Tide star player. That's shown on camera not once not twice but repeatedly. Catherine -- -- the 23 year old girlfriend of Alabama's quarterback AJ McCarron. His America's newest it girl the real action was -- stance gushing over miss Alabama were all in. Dean Webb is now one of the top names search on Google and Yahoo!. The number of tech she's received so overwhelming it shut down their phone net. And since Monday night her Twitter account has been flooded with thousands of new admirers. Before the game -- -- just a few hundred followers. During the game -- popularity skyrocketed. At this morning -- -- past 200000. That's even more than -- football star boyfriend -- She's got a 100000 dollars. No I'm Ron Janes is following her -- Dozens of it was a -- This isn't the first time Webb's -- in the spotlight. -- -- -- -- -- was crowned miss Alabama USA 2012. Not. She even broke into the top ten in last year's miss USA pageant so -- so hard and so long. To be at that moment and it changed -- life. Completely the Brunette beauties like changed again just three weeks ago when she met -- -- in a new interview web says. I had no idea who AJ was but I thought he was cute drama mater Auburn University is the bitter instate rival to her -- school. They've even been dubbed the Romeo and Juliette of Alabama but now Webb tells the Birmingham News she's not interested -- the -- All the media attention would be awesome that I was looking to make something out of its all I wanna do is data -- my intentions are not to feed off everything. All right so as we said they've been dating less than a month the Katherine says she's very serious that age -- which is why she will plan to move. From LA to Atlanta to be with him reportedly. And then this is funny when a pro football player -- cabinetry with his phone number it was AJ -- back keep on dreaming and and now I think Josh. Yeah she's. Headed up about 700 followers something. -- -- -- -- we have -- I'm -- until we have a graphic yeah. 250 and 22 and Townsend. I will say this to get those -- -- never prouder of the consumer yet.

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{"id":18168405,"title":"A.J. McCarron's Girlfriend Is Web's Latest Crush","duration":"2:41","description":"Katherine Webb's Twitter following grew by nearly 100,000 followers after TV appearance.","url":"/GMA/video/katherine-webb-alabama-qb-aj-mccarrons-girlfriend-webs-18168405","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}