Singer Overtakes Lady Gaga's Top-Ranked Twitter Following

Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
2:01 | 07/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Singer Overtakes Lady Gaga's Top-Ranked Twitter Following
And you, will soon see lady gaga back on stage. It's been announced she will PERFORM AT THE 2013 VMAs. Unveiling her single off her "art pop" album. While she's a monster on twitter, with 39 million followers, katy perry has become the queen of the twitterverse, with more than 800,000 followers than gaga. Both ladies, though, behind the biebs. He has over 42 million. So, interesting little dynamic change there. Katy perry is on fire. So, there was "rocky" the movie. And "rocky i" and now, get ready for another. This feature film has a different spin. It will tell a story of the grandson of rocky's opponent apollo creed. Michael b. Jordan who has gotten great reviews, is in talks to play the lead, in the film that will be directed by ryan kugler. These guys are on their way. And sly is onboard. Sylvester stallone will play rocky balboa. But instead of throwing punches, he will be teaching creed. And looks like karl weathers. You can see it there. And looking forward to that. I love this story. I love a good trash-to-treasure story. And a long island man. A long island man bought the contents of a storage loughner 1989, without knowing what was inside. Paid $100. The contents, just 007's submarine car. That man is ready to sell. The car going on the auction block in london in september. How much? Estimates, over 1 million bucks. And that is why I break for yard sales. It's going for two. Two-plus. Easily. Every time you bring us a story like that.

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{"id":19780526,"title":"Singer Overtakes Lady Gaga's Top-Ranked Twitter Following","duration":"2:01","description":"Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/katy-perry-twitter-surpasses-lady-gaga-top-spot-19780526","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}