Kellyanne Conway on Congressional Ethics Change, GOP 'Mandate'

Donald Trump's senior adviser tells "GMA" Republicans have a "mandate" to make "significant change" and discusses what's expected from Trump's planned announcement about alleged Russian hacking.
4:39 | 01/03/17

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway on Congressional Ethics Change, GOP 'Mandate'
George? Thank you, mar ay. Let's get more from kellyanne Conway. Thanks for coming. Happy new year. Trump promised to drain the swamp in waugs. He wanted real reform. Is this what he had in mind? I haven't discussed this with the president-elect directly. But, let's make clear that you're going to have an office of complaint review. But it's under oversight of the Republican majority. It's not independent. The full house will vote on it today. The Democrats will have their say. There's an ambitious agenda to push forward. The Republicans have not given the -- they've won over 1,000 state legislative seats under president Obama's watch. There's a mandate there for them to make significant change. But is this the way to start gutting the independent ethics office? Gutting it doesn't mean there won't be a mechanism. I don't want the viewers to think there's no way for complaints to be reviewed. There's been an overzealousness in the situation over the years. We don't want people to be mired in years of ethical complaint reviews. North Korea is signaling they may test an intercontinental missile. Does that mean president-elect trump will order the military to shoot down a test? It doesn't mean anything. We still have a president for the next 17 days. At the same time, president trump will be tough on those developing nuclear capability. It's been AIG disappointment to many Americans, including the president-elect, that Iran, for example, was imbolmboldened and increased their capabilities. Their program son hold. What about North Korea? There are so few tools to stop them. What is the president-elect suggesting he'll do? He's not stated that publicly. He won't before he's inaugurated. We do know saxs are possible. They have not always worked. I think China would have to have a significant role here as well. He's putting North Korea on notice through this tweet and other statements that this won't happen. He wants to stand between them and their missile capabilities, which experts say could be deployed to reach Seattle almost immediately. Finally, on the Russian hack. So many people were caught by surprise by those comments by Mr. Trump over the weekend, saying he knows things that other people don't know about the Russian hacking. What was he referring to? Presidents and president-elects have to know things you and I don't know. E sure hope they do. He's privy to intelligence briefings of all sorts. Today, he's -- The consensus of those intelligence briefings is that Russia was behind it. But Julian assange of wikileaks said just yesterday it was not a political party. Is that what Mr. Trump is referring to? No, no. He's not referring to that. He's said he's receiving intelligence briefings from the top intelligence officials across the country here in new York early this week. He plans to do that. The reason he's doing that is he wants the information. He's saying he already knew something on Saturday that we don't know. Well, he does know things we don't know. We see a lot of blind quotes. Unsourced information. There were CIA operatives invited to testify before the house intelligence commute tee and refused to show up and are instead leaking to the press. This is not how we, as Americans, want our politics to work. We believe politics should not interfere in our politics. If those officials come to the president-elect today or tomorrow, whenever the briefing is, saying we know Russia was behind it, will he accept it? He has to see all the evidence. You're not saying it. Many people on TV try to C conflate any Russian hacking with the election results. People are still trying too find a reason that Hillary Clinton lost. You can't deny it. Everyone makes a statement about the Russian hacking today are saying, ah-ha, that's why Hillary Clinton lost. It was embarrassing to have the content of the e-mails revealed to the country. They don't like that people were questioning Hillary Clinton's judgment? Can she find her voice? It was a very uncomfortable situation for them. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Donald Trump's senior adviser tells \"GMA\" Republicans have a \"mandate\" to make \"significant change\" and discusses what's expected from Trump's planned announcement about alleged Russian hacking.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44522414","title":"Kellyanne Conway on Congressional Ethics Change, GOP 'Mandate'","url":"/GMA/video/kellyanne-conway-congressional-ethics-change-gop-mandate-44522414"}