Kellyanne Conway Responds to New Russia Claims

Donald Trump's senior adviser talks to "GMA" about the briefing Trump reportedly received regarding unsubstantiated reports that Russia collected comprising material on him.
4:58 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway Responds to New Russia Claims
Let's talk about it with trump's senior adviser kellyanne Conway. Hi, George. We heard the officials did tell Mr. Trump about this last week. Did he have any questions about it? First of all that cannot be verified. It is a classified briefing and we should be concerned we have, quote, intelligence officials divulging information in unsourced, unnamed fashion to the rest of us and, frankly, I think this is a very big moment for the media. Are we actually going to continue to cover fake news and uncorroborated, unsubstantiated reports as was just said in the event -- These were unsubstantiated. Did an entire segment on it. It's unsubstantiated, uncorroborated. This is a report from the internet, not from the intelligence community, these 35 pages rife with misspellings completely unverified. I take your point but it becomes news if the intelligence officials did, indeed present this information to the president-elect trump and president Obama, as well. George, they can't -- we don't know that for a very simple reason. Nobody is allowed to talk about what occurs in these intelligence briefings. I mean, just to smear the president-elect of the united States we now have intelligence officials divulging information that they are sworn not to divulge, we should all be very concerned about that and I don't even think this is fake news. I think it's just fake. I would take the news word right out of it. You say it's fake. Is this a categorical denial of everything in the dossier, are you sure that no one associated with Mr. Trump or your campaign met with Russian officials during the campaign? I certainly didn't. I wasn't talking to Moscow. I was talking to people in Mccomb county, Michigan. That's how we won. I was with Michael Cohen last night and the president-elect and other advisers. Michael Cohen has never been to Prague. We looked at his passport. He was at usc with his son meeting with the baseball coach there when this, quote, dossier, very weighty important sounding word that I would also push back on as an internet report, there's a lot of crap on the internet as we all know and he was in California not in Moscow, not in Prague. I mean that alone -- dragging through the mud innocent people as a way to add some flourish to what is already an ununsubstantiated report is troubling. We did show Mr. Cohen's denial. I was asking a different question. Are you sure no one associated with the campaign met with any Russian officials during -- That is our understanding. There would be no reason to. There would be no reason for us to. It's not how we won this campaign. It had nothing to do with Donald Trump's historic win and, frankly, has nothing to do with why Hillary Clinton lost. Vladimir Putin didn't discourage her from competing in Wisconsin and Michigan. Her campaign spent more in Georgia and Arizona than they did in Michigan and Wisconsin. I bet they are regretting that. This nonsense from the internet does not bother us. At the hearing senator sessions said he has no reason to doubt the intelligence community's bottom line conclusion that president Putin ordered and influenced a campaign to interfere in the 2016 election. So does president-elect trump now accept that conclusion. You could read his statement from last Friday. He made a couple things clear including that. Lumped in China as well. Because they've hacked 21 million records of innocent Americans who had their information through the federal government at the opm, the office of personnel management, 21 million Americans having their personal, private information hacked by the Chinese and I don't remember president Obama doing more than slapping them on the wrist. But does president-elect trump accept the conclusion Russia was behind it. He accepts the fact that Russia and China and North Korea and others have tried to hack but what we want everybody to know and accept there is zero, zero nexus between any alleged attempt to disrupt our democracy and swing the election results and succeeding in doing so. There was no smoking gun. Mr. Clapper -- The way you answered, you lumped in China and others again. I'm saying does he accept the conclusion -- He accepts the conclusion people are hacking all the time. But Russia was behind it. Russia was unsuccessful in their attempt. I think it was also called they aspired and attempted to influence our democracy and they failed and I'll tell you what. A lot of people in the mainstream media, maybe not here, but they interfered by trying to help Hillary Clinton win and they too failed. What do you mean by that. Oh, my god, George. There's never been -- unprecedented deluge of criticism and rumors and innuendos against Donald Trump. There was an active campaign by many in the media against him in his effort to win the presidency. He overcame that and I, frankly, think the media helped us. You think reporting on Donald Trump was an activity -- Yes, I think, yes, I think we can evidence that. I'm happy to dom up with the evidence that every headline, the race is over, he has no path to victory, he's going to take the house and senate down with him. We were just ignored on great days we were ignored. On pose days we were mocked and there was an active, active, really -- an ongoing, active effort by many in the mainstream media to help Hillary Clinton win and they misled their viewers and their readers by telling them she would. We will watch the press conference today. Kellyanne Conway. Thanks for coming.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"Donald Trump's senior adviser talks to \"GMA\" about the briefing Trump reportedly received regarding unsubstantiated reports that Russia collected comprising material on him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44701820","title":"Kellyanne Conway Responds to New Russia Claims","url":"/GMA/video/kellyanne-conway-responds-russia-claims-44701820"}