Kellyanne Conway Talks Trump's Administration

Donald Trump's campaign manager discusses the president-elect's next steps.
3:33 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway Talks Trump's Administration
Trump but thank you for coming in. Let's talk about the transition a little bit and reports this morning that Jared Kushner now considering taking a formal role in the white house. The ethics chiefs for both president George W. Bush and president Obama say that's illegal. I talked to Jared Kushner this morning again. He said he has not applied for any formal role nor a national security clearance but at the same time he will continue to be important to his father-in-law who happens to be the next president. Jared was incredibly important to our campaign effort and to the election and he's a trusted adviser of his father-in-law. That won't change. All the adult children and in-laws. Is he considering taking a formal job inside. He's not applied for that and he lives here and runs a pretty significant business here. There are three small children here so it's an important decision that many of us face, frankly, but he has not applied for anything formally. I think many of these press reports are false and inaccurate and I would just call on everybody to just give us a little bit of time to form our federal government. Get those appointments in place and respect the election results and allow this man to do his job. It's clear the president-elect values him. Does he want him to be in the white house? Well, he wants him to be an adviser to him which he will continue to be. He's also his son-in-law so he's family and that's really what we should focus on. I know the bush sons were very involved in their father's administration, one became president of the United States. They both became governors, so we would harken back to that as well. It's a very special relationship and very few have the ability to serve as president and, of course, their family members, particularly adult children will be supportive of that. Will you join the white house? I may. I don't -- I didn't see mother of four small children in any of the job descriptions that I checked out. I'm sure your viewers can relate but it's been such a privilege and an honor to be Donald Trump's campaign manager and to work with my old friend and client Mike pence our new vice president and I want to go and serve and best and highest use and still discussing that. I'm not a priority today at 5:00 P.M., Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence will be meeting with prime minister Abe from Japan and we're being very respectful and deferential to the circumstance that president Obama is still the president. These have to be less formal and already have a commander in chief and he's on his last foreign trip and would like to show the respect to prime minister Abe but show the respect to president Obama at the same time. Talking about working with the president-elect. Chuck Schumer, leader in the senate, Elizabeth Warren, senator Bernie Sanders all saying if Donald Trump focuses on infrastructure, paid maternity leave, reforming trade bills, they can build bipartisan coalitions. Is that the direction he is going to move in. Yes, we're thrilled to hear that. Donald Trump made very clear what his first 100-day plan will be. Everybody can pull it up and see and it includes infrastructure and job creation and a different direction for health care for some Americans and it certainly includes trying to reform our immigration system and to get a little bit more robust in defeating radical islamic terrorism around the world. I'm happy to hear that from the senators and I think that spirit of cooperation where divided government has been an excuse for too long, I think that was reflected in what vice president Biden said yesterday to vice president-elect pence which is we had a great productive conversation. The vice president said, quote, I'm confident that the government is in good hands with trump and pence and then he said that no administration is formed this early on. You have to give it time. We don't really want to rush through these decisions. It takes some time to get it right. Kellyanne Conway, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Donald Trump's campaign manager discusses the president-elect's next steps. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43600867","title":"Kellyanne Conway Talks Trump's Administration","url":"/GMA/video/kellyanne-conway-talks-trumps-administration-43600867"}