Kenny Chesney on Working with Willie Nelson

The country music superstar talks to Robin Roberts about his new album "Life on a Rock."
1:21 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Kenny Chesney on Working with Willie Nelson
And the star -- just feedback but that's what we're number one hits -- -- -- million albums and his new album. -- on Iraq is out to take a proper well. Okay. I was telling Ricky for sharing this because this is very personal and you when you wrote this he didn't think that you're -- release it. Well no I didn't and these songs were written over Tom were six years really and it feels good feels good to have a record like this it's -- -- -- a lot of live -- on Newton a lot eleven. And that entailed a lot of things. I'm I'm happy about it well worth were thrilled with it. -- -- -- everything I love Willie Nelson he's eighty years old today it's hard to believe it really I know. And like. -- -- -- -- I mean he he he lost to the world -- -- way you know and it's a way that I -- has. It and that if he's he sings great names on its Allston have -- record oil it is incredible last seen you on tour and so so many times I know you've got -- tour going on there right now by the -- You got a great. Straight people that are with -- How we do it's it's it's a lot of fun this summer you know -- the fans are unbelievable out there band sells better than ever. We you know got some new music get name isn't always fun -- are excited to have some out today.

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{"duration":"1:21","description":"The country music superstar talks to Robin Roberts about his new album \"Life on a Rock.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19073806","title":"Kenny Chesney on Working with Willie Nelson","url":"/GMA/video/kenny-chesney-interview-album-life-rock-includes-willie-19073806"}