Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton Reunite on New Duet

First look at "You Can't Make Old Friends," the country music legends' new collaboration.
6:04 | 09/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton Reunite on New Duet
Okay. We're back doing. Things you may world exclusive premiere. Of the music video. He campaigned moon friends yeah new collaboration between managing music -- engines and Kenny Rogers. I cannot wait to hear and almost thirty years today since they released that they get -- islands in the stream. -- spent thirty years since islands in the stream was he to this day. I never get tired of your songs with the audience everybody. That's -- When she walked in that room. Something really special happened. There was just something about -- -- is chemistry. With each other our friendship people say is what -- me they we are some. I think so partners and I believe we aren't that different -- all the nice but it's not the competing this -- -- and -- We cannot see each other for six months. And we walk in a room and it's like we're just. -- -- -- -- What we're glad noon when you're -- home. Blue -- hotel only. The true. Who's gonna finish. The -- worries that started. Days. When somebody. -- then -- -- and some on new. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're back win. And loans. And. Among the now. Yeah. And the. -- Here again yeah. On this and a home. -- didn't need to being keen. We you know. This show. Must go alone. -- -- -- You. -- I think we did on that string we connected musically. Who we -- you can't make old friends we connected personally. For me it's not important -- this is a hit song. But it's important historically haven't yeah that we got to sign that -- so many people and certainly since in this business. Where it is so much of it is business. To have to take the time for a moment. And just enjoy someone for the person they are is a great gift and I appreciate -- -- was doing with. It's been -- -- and Atlanta for -- and I got to -- that really need to end. Ahead of everybody in the business she is my gosh. -- --

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{"id":20287552,"title":"Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton Reunite on New Duet","duration":"6:04","description":"First look at \"You Can't Make Old Friends,\" the country music legends' new collaboration. ","url":"/GMA/video/kenny-rogers-dolly-parton-reunite-duet-20287552","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}