Kenyan Forces Take Control of Mall, Search for Terrorists

Military is sweeping the Westgate mall searching for the attackers and detonating explosives.
3:16 | 09/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kenyan Forces Take Control of Mall, Search for Terrorists
the latest on that mall terror attack. Conflicting reports at this hour about americans possibly being involved and whether or not hostages are still being held. The president of kenya, expected to speak shortly, which could give us some clarity. A lot going on right now. Live pictures of the mall. Explosions being heard. It's a cleanup operation of booby-traps set by the terrorist. Tracking all of the developments in this still-fluid crisis. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, george. An active scene here, as helicopters continue to circle overhead. We continue to hear loud gunshots and explosions. We're told it's the kenyan military, as it combs the mall, floor-by-floor, detonating any explosives and shooting anything that moves. Overnight, gunfire and explosions once again erupting from the westgate mall. As kenyan soldiers search for terrorists or hostages that may have still been inside. This, as the first images emerge of what may be the terrorists inside the mall. Kenyan officials have not commented on the photo. But they are confirming that the mall was booby-trapped. We are doing cleanup of explosives that had been set up by the terrorists. They sweep, they say, is the final phase of a bloody and intense standoff that came to a head on monday. This video, obtained exclusively by abc news, shows kenyan soldiers fighting to take the mall from its roof and free the remaining hostages, all under a cloud of black smoke and persistent gunfire. This morning, as the signatures at westgate continues to unfold, we're hearing harrowing stories from survivors. I we went in the corner. I was telling everybody, bend down. Reporter: Radio host kamal koor said she was hosting a roofing competition at the mall when the terrorists launched their attack saturday afternoon. They were climbing on top of the kids to get to the doors. Then, we heard more firing. We didn't want them to fire at us. The guys would come in. They were protecting us. Reporter: Witnesses say the terrorists, part of the al shabaab network, were shooting anyone who couldn't prove they were muslim. Some in hiding were scrambling to learn verses of the karan. We would adapt that language. Reporter: Among the dead, raffle langdon. And his girlfriend, elif ya vuv. They were expecting their first child next month. Civilians are being told to stay away from this area just outside of the mall. The red cross says 51 people are still among the missing. We're expecting to hear from the president a little later on today. Kenyan officials say six of the attackers have been killed. Three of them, overnight. Robin? Linsey, please stay safe there.

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{"id":20354174,"title":"Kenyan Forces Take Control of Mall, Search for Terrorists","duration":"3:16","description":"Military is sweeping the Westgate mall searching for the attackers and detonating explosives.","url":"/GMA/video/kenya-mall-attack-kenyan-forces-control-mall-search-20354174","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}