Keri Russell Does Not Miss Her 'Felicity' Hair

With those iconic locks stowed away, Russell is loving current career, including starring turn in "Austenland."
3:00 | 09/06/13

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Transcript for Keri Russell Does Not Miss Her 'Felicity' Hair
And America can. -- -- -- -- There's -- -- train your wounded -- late June. I'm memorize different things happen right -- after -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's -- happening at the movies now called Austin plan to know. I'm gonna talk to Kerri Russell who's here about one men. Have been actually -- hold that this isn't a movie for them. But I think that's will. And I'm could -- -- welcomes. Kids think it's. Do you know their screenings for human beings that are only four women. Then I didn't catch wind of this but you know what. Jennifer Coolidge and I -- talking about the consider really good point if the guy's finger on a date instant you know whatever -- some fun at the end of the day. And wouldn't the girl be more willing. If you took her to see a movie that she really enjoyed and that she -- Like inspired by -- sort of -- Then taking some blow up explosion movie and can be as -- shouldn't take the girl to the -- movie to -- -- -- at the end of the -- and -- -- out. So you feel that there are men out there that would actually do that. -- worry about their date and how she was feeling about that that movie and -- there are a couple may be just like yeah welcome to Texas to and there are few people like myself who studied literature -- school and so. -- -- -- -- -- Do you really really. Having him back that's -- that's -- a lot of that. Next we looked -- but explain again that those poor benighted people don't know. What it is you're doing how you really going to a gene Austin -- Park so basically the point of the movie is this very kind of sad lonely heart girl spends her entire life savings to go to this. Amazing embarrassing. Crazy resorts where -- you dine. Regency -- clothes yet to get rid of your cellphone they -- your hair on the regency era. And then there are these paid actors who flirt with you and have these conversations with you in. The same tone as Jane Austen novel and were promised. A ball at the end of your stay and a man while I ask you. For your hand in the -- I just think that's kind of the great fantasy -- The main thing dental related to many mister Darcy -- in life. Now and they are professionals in the gonna dress accordingly act accordingly and taking -- strolls through the beautiful grounds and then take you know how to dance like that -- mean. It's amazing and maybe you can look at it again. What you would but it would be very chase -- yes this yes yeah not that -- and mr. Coolidge a mustard Jennifer Coolidge where nothing's -- -- However she's doing gets out she's doing it shakes you got exactly that -- that -- -- fantasy. Might we can't have wanted -- life fantasy and the feeling would be a little bit more about some kind of adventure like. We're taking. Cowboy resellers and where I had one night need now to -- Care -- here. DO box one all right Larry. I think party it would be great if it was like a cowboy who also knew about literature somehow. Who had a could talk about interesting books would be -- and I'm assuming your husband fulfills all -- and he said. In bed with him for -- and talk about a -- -- year. And when he did he ask which it. On the Americans and you are Russian spy living in the -- inner America perfect ending to be as if publicity grown up -- man and and -- I was I was lured in by the KGB. Sort of -- what they say. I see Keri Russell in the now I know how crazy. That was really -- and -- he contacted. Pat White people or whatever -- business people so early in the game it was really John I kept reading going. Heck is he talking about -- is my -- but I get that what -- Manning the whole point is that they are this face of something. That is so other than what there. -- -- -- -- Well they've been forced together again in a range and that isn't -- -- -- that. This strength of that show which I love so much and and it's really the most fun thing I've ever done. Is I really think it's a show about this complicated marriage this metaphor. How tricky marriages and how you don't really know somebody and -- so. Hard and complicated and I just think the spy stuff so -- all the -- -- -- high end. But to me it's really about the scenes of watching somebody and trying to navigator relationship a real relationship. And the spy an outside world to -- just allows everything to be so big and immediate and it has been sets. A find delicious surprise the whole thing and -- -- to not to be to enjoy a not being charming and every turn hasn't been a revelation to me. I found two you know Karen -- be something -- Most most people do still. I don't of their blood mountain -- say that's you that -- -- -- -- -- -- and you know we just remember you from publicity where it was that was quit acting that was. Yet and how I understand why you shaved off all your hair. I'm so angry because you just -- cinnamon ring the ratings of the showed that gap just destroy. The Carrie Russell on the Mickey Mouse -- Then. Yes that was -- -- -- yes that was the last. That you wanna get the Mickey Mouse person -- -- that -- is Brian -- exactly did you hang out when you in the back Ryan was twelve -- seventeen as much cooler than. He was a child and I was driving. In -- -- -- could be hanging out twelve there was just nothing you know there was nothing there cougar thing happening at twelve now now but. But. He's. He's turned that degrade -- Let's look at -- but -- I'm wondering who that illicit. The one who -- -- what the New York Times called them -- like. Get the quote you write a glorious head of the luminous. -- in -- there. Responsibility. Running around with you know. The lives that big hair that's always -- Hide -- keep that. Coherent actually has the straight at it again you occasionally. Just -- -- -- Now. -- -- and on time so maybe after a shower and no hair dryer. I want to know who that Kerry was. During that period of starting her career little hair and who aren't talking to -- and what the differences. Interest -- -- -- -- -- then you know it's how to talk to someone about this. Because there's this interesting thing that I find -- typical in this country. Especially working on the Americans with. That other actors wells and you know he went -- man some -- -- But you know all those actors as British actors they went to -- in it to school on Iraq Ben -- -- and they seem so. Educated and feel like in this country a lot more. You know I definitely just fell into it there I've trained in dance but you know. So I always sort of had a strange relationship with this career and that I didn't -- that I wanted to do it forever and I was sort of not enjoying a lot of part of -- I was so felicity. In and I love that story I was like real trained actress I. I was liking -- but I was overwhelmed buy it and even I love JJ's Matt and still. -- projects now with and I just -- -- summer with -- planet of the apes. I think now for the first time in my life at 37. Convening in Juliet go hmm not this is when he and I don't be scared of Benson. You know I can do some things and not -- other things but it's fun and I'm I'm thankful for -- and and -- maneuvering within it in an easier more enjoyable weighing -- -- just comes with age -- it. I think you're being like that on -- version. And so I think marriage. About a lot of us feel like I feel like animals I don't during disputed changes yes I am deeply Iran's role and it's definitely didn't on JJ Abrams intact in those yeah I'm the EU in the Mission Impossible it is almost the beginning of what's happening in the -- and it's true it has been begged him for a role in Star Wars -- All you went right into the majors right what -- I thought maybe he was Schambach now. I want to lay out what you -- -- Why is a great part it's hard understanding -- Elvis sound effects you know. Now you would choose to -- -- plan which is seems so much so boring. While she would make her board now but I -- I can be really sexy -- He now that's different. It's I think that -- eight supposed to be a prequel or is it is that before -- after cancer everything is so secret about that. Then I'm sure that only you have heard from your age category and as I know I'm gonna -- -- -- crap service -- Toys but just -- have that little partner piece of history. -- Wii U I'd be on the phone. Beginning on it would begging the will be show always sentence -- And since it is it's -- if -- is always just whatever is on year I would want to put the song in your head. It's just got to be a little bit doesn't have to beautiful song but it does it need to hear you ask me horrible it's only leasing to the -- You know what the only sign -- I've been doing -- -- traveling -- and so now with this. I'm so not tech savvy ice on it well and on like 85. I don't have any app on my phone and the why did I put -- on apps like I -- the map. -- act like it's -- right. But ending the one thing I use which I am so grateful and thankful for as a mother who is traveling is -- -- -- -- you know you can -- the video and the -- -- -- -- and my -- one -- -- -- -- -- -- My little girl. Will set the phone down and put her hands up excellence into paddy cake. And some ambiguity -- -- its. Medicaid Medicaid in -- They communicate can be asked -- can't. Coming out of the whole thing and -- just mark it with the being beaten -- and being beaten thing to do one. -- -- -- Thank you hear from I don't know what that was. Not -- park. It doesn't really ones in.

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{"id":20177757,"title":"Keri Russell Does Not Miss Her 'Felicity' Hair ","duration":"3:00","description":"With those iconic locks stowed away, Russell is loving current career, including starring turn in \"Austenland.\"","url":"/GMA/video/keri-russell-miss-felicity-hair-20177757","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}