Kerry Kennedy Expected to Take Stand in Trial

Kennedy faces charges of driving under the influence after accidentally taking Ambien.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Transcript for Kerry Kennedy Expected to Take Stand in Trial
Kerry Kennedy trial. The 54-year-old daughter of Robert Kennedy expected to take the stand today defending herself against charges for driving under the influence of ambien. ABC's Mara schiavocampo is tracking this case. Reporter: Tuesday the court was packed with kennedys. The famous family out in full force for Kerry Kennedy's misdemeanor drugged driving trial including her mother, 85-year-old Ethel Kennedy who is rarely seen in public. Some also showed up on the witness stand, Rory Kennedy testifying her sister, quote, has a reputation for sobriety and general healthy living." Another character witness, family friend reverend jerry Creeden. His great heart -- Reporter: Who spoke at senator Ted Kennedy's funeral. Of Kennedy the minister said I've never seen her drunk. The 54-year-old niece of president John F. Kennedy is facing a misdemeanor charge of Dreiling while impaired allegedly hitting a tractor trailer after she claims she took ambien with her breakfast instead of a thyroid pill. I remember getting on the highway and then I have no memory until I was stopped. Reporter: Tuesday Kennedy clutched rosary beads while the prosecution made their case saying she should have realized she was impaired. A forensic toxicologist testifying ambien is a fast-acting drug and could have taken in effect in as little as 15 minutes but the defense says Kennedy made an honest mistake and that the prosecution has not proven its case. Hopefully the jury will agree. Reporter: In a case where no one disputes the facts, it will all come down to Kennedy's judgment. The issue ultimately will be whether she realized that she was under the influence of ambien and yet continued to drive. Reporter: If convicted, Kennedy could lose some driving privileges. She also faces up to a year in jail. It's unlikely she'd actually serve they time, though, because she doesn't have a record. Kennedy has pleaded not guilty and the trial could continue through the week. All right, Mara, thanks very much.

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{"id":22677773,"title":"Kerry Kennedy Expected to Take Stand in Trial","duration":"3:00","description":"Kennedy faces charges of driving under the influence after accidentally taking Ambien.","url":"/GMA/video/kerry-kennedy-expected-stand-trial-22677773","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}