Kevin Spacey faces fallout after sexual misconduct allegations

Spacey's hit show "House of Cards" is filming its last season and the International Academy announced it will no longer honor the actor with an International Emmy Founders Award.
4:51 | 10/31/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Spacey faces fallout after sexual misconduct allegations
rmths we begin with the growing backlash for Kevin spacey amid that sexual misconduct accusation. Netflix announcing the end of "House of cards" and spacey also losing an award. We all know Kevin spacey has been one of the most praised actors in Hollywood. But this morning he is now facing a storm of criticism on social media and beyond. This morning Kevin spacey in a drama of his own, the "House of cards" star under fire following allegations of sexual misconduct. And this chamber chooses to debate me? Reporter: Overnight Netflix and the studio behind the hit political drama saying both are deeply troubled by the accusations against the actor. The show announcing Monday the season currently being filmed will be its last. Netflix says the end of "House of cards" is not related to Sunday's accusations. But spacey is already experiencing fallout in Hollywood. The international academy announcing overnight it will no longer honor spacey with a founders Emmy at an upcoming awards show. It remains to be seen what damage this will do to Kevin spacey's career. When these kind of sexual harassment accusations come up typically there is quite a backlash and Kevin spacey is no exception. Reporter: The two-time academy award winning actor has a number of projects due in the upcoming months including Ridley Scott's "All the money in the world." It's set to release in the heart of awards season. Spacey also under fire for his reaction to actor Anthony Rapp's allegations that when he was just 14, one year before he starred in "Adventures in baby-sitting" spacey made sexual advances toward him after a party when they were both on Broadway. Spacey was 26. Spacey apologizing on Twitter saying, he was beyond horrified to hear Rapp's story but also using the same apology to open up about his sexual orientation, writing, in my life I have had relationships with both men and women. I choose now to live as a gay man. That statement drawing fire. Many saying addressing his sexuality was a tactic he was using to distance himself from the allegations of abuse of a minor. Glaad's president sending this tweet writing coming out stories should not be used to deflect if allegations of sexual assault. The final season of "House of cards" is right now in production and Netflix says spacey is not currently on the set but executives have met with the cast and crew to ensure that they feel, quote, safe and supported. Let's bring in Dan. Bring him back for this. At the very least, extremely disturbing these allegations, what about the legal implications? We talked about this a lot before, this question of statute of limitations and now discussed it in the context of Bill Cosby and discussed it in the context of Harvey Weinstein and seems to come up again and again, an allegation from the mid-19 0s so I don't think it's any question the statute has expyred in terms of a possible criminal charge or civil case he could bring. Typically when you're dealing with a child the statute of limitations tolls mean pauses until the person gets to be 18 then the statute of limitations starts but you're talking here as a technical matter not even about a sexual assault, because he says it was an attempted sexual assault which means you typically have an even shorter statute of limitations. Even if it was a sexual assault the statute would have expired. Speaking of that because there have been some change, have the statutes of limitations changed or increased from state to state? Fundamentally and in two of the biggest states, New York and California you've seen major changes. You've seen changes across the country but, for example, in new York, in the mid-2000s they simply eliminated the statute of limitations for the most serious sexual assaults. California did something similar in 2017. So you're now seeing that if something like this were to happen, you know, today and then 20 years from now, someone wanted to take action, they likely could. It doesn't mean in the civil context. But certainly in the criminal context. It does vary from state to state. Absolutely. It can be confusing and a lot of people find it incredibly frustrating and say why is there a statute of limitations? And, look, the answer is that as a legal matter, for the right of the defendant, we say that there has to be some level of certainty. That's why you have a statute of limitations on any cries which is to say if someone is going to be charged you got to charge them. I think we're recognizing is that sexual assault cases are different. We don't have statute of limitations on murder. And I think that we're moving towards recognizing that sexual assault is the kind of crime that may not be reported immediately. Exactly. And I think that there's a national recognition now more and more of that and that's being represented in state legislatures. Because fear is such a big part of it. We have seen that. Maybe that's changing now, though. Maybe that's changing. Hopefully so.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Spacey's hit show \"House of Cards\" is filming its last season and the International Academy announced it will no longer honor the actor with an International Emmy Founders Award.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50829418","title":"Kevin Spacey faces fallout after sexual misconduct allegations","url":"/GMA/video/kevin-spacey-faces-fallout-sexual-misconduct-allegations-50829418"}