Kevin Spacey Is Back in 'House of Cards' Season 2

The actor offers a few hints at what fans can look forward to in the new season of the hit Netflix series.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Spacey Is Back in 'House of Cards' Season 2
There they are at the Twitter. Frank Underwood and a friend, Kevin spacey because "House of cards" is back. Many fans have been through the second full seeing on netflix trying to find out how America's most evil politician will gain more power. Starring Kevin spacey playing frank Underwood clawing his way up to vice president. Watch him plot. Have you ever considered serving in the leadership? I figure that might be possible eight, ten years from now. What if I suggested that you could serve in leadership this term to replace me as whip? You're being -- Let's assume that's true. I love those dark shadows. Great to have Kevin spacey. You've been seeing him all morning. You do camera, stage manager. Come back and anchor tomorrow. I also video bombed. Sort of like photo bombing. Video bombing, a new thing I'm starting. Maybe I shouldn't do the interview. Just do the bumpers and go. That would work. Welcome back any time. And very different persona from frank Underwood and I've been trying to figure this out. Ali and I were through five episodes of season two but I'm trying to figure out. He believes in power above all else. What does he really want in the end? Hmm, you know, it's a great question and not one that I can really answer quite yet. Only because one of the great experiences that I'm having in doing this show is how much I don't know about frank Underwood yet. You don't know. Yeah, because, look, I'm not an actor who thinks that, oh, I know this character completely and I show up on the set and can do it in nye sleep. One of the incredible experiences that I'm having is that we are discovering who frank is as we go along, that bill and our team of writers as they begin to explore more, reveal more as well as hold back more every time I come to work I'm lettering more about this character and so I don't know everything -- Is there any real politician living or dead that you have somewhere in your head? Not really. I mean he was so incredibly conceived on the page, both in the original british series and Michael Dobbs' book and now in what bow and David Fincher who directed our first two episodes last season that, no, I think if I could say anything, maybe it's the fact that he admires Lyndon Johnson so much. And if you look at Lyndon Johnson and certainly his reputation of being a very tough, very difficult in your face negotiator, there's a couple of photos that I have on my wall in "House of cards" that are pictures of literally Johnson in someone's face leaning over them. He was a very, very tough negotiator. Also a love story. Probably one of the most chilling love stories I've ever seen between frank and Claire. Well, robin writing as done an extraordinary job with quite frankly not a whole lot of dialogue, you know, she's a very miss terrorous character. All in the gestures. She's remarkable to work with. I've known her a long time. We never had a chance to work as much together as we have in this. But I think she's extremely, extremely remarkable. So powerful. We get all kinds of questions on Twitter. More than anything else when will they be able to see season three? How long will he have to wait? We don't start season three for a little bit later this year so, again, be out next year but what I understand is that a lot of fans have said they're parcelling it out this time. Not necessarily binge completely but try to watch one but maybe they won't be able to last but that way there won't be as much time between -- That's smart. Final Twitter question from Doug cost low, what would frank Underwood's advice be to Hillary Clinton on whether to run for president? Oh, run. Sorry, that was bill. I said -- sorry, I -- run, baby, run. I did that as bill. Kevin spacey, thanks a lot. "House of cards" is so great. All 13 episodes of the second season are now available on netflix. Thanks for coming in.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The actor offers a few hints at what fans can look forward to in the new season of the hit Netflix series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22562641","title":"Kevin Spacey Is Back in 'House of Cards' Season 2","url":"/GMA/video/kevin-spacey-interview-2014-actor-back-house-cards-22562641"}