Key and Peele Talk 'Storks' on 'GMA'

Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are live in Times Square to discuss "Storks," their upcoming animated film.
3:57 | 08/30/16

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Transcript for Key and Peele Talk 'Storks' on 'GMA'
Good morning, America. Good morning, America. Yep, that's a very special greeting from alpha wolf and beta wolf who star in the movie "Storks" and they're joining us now in person. Actually great to have keegan-michael key and Jordan Peele. The duo who is here with us this morning. Before we talk "Storks" I want to talk about VMA and your play-by-play commentary. We had great memes come out in that night. Very funny. You were in character, social media influencers but you had some mixed reviews. How do you handle your critics? You put yourself out there as comedians. You know, that's part of the job. You put yourself out there and, you know, it's like we love our fans and everybody else, it's like get out of here. No, we have fun. Yeah, there's just a thing you're trying to achieve. If you feel like you achieved the thing you wanted to achieve that's the best thing at the end of the day. You achieved a masterpiece with "Storks." I watched it last night with my little girl. We laughed. We cried. It is an awesome movie and you play two wolves who are competing to be the alpha, beta of the pack. Let's take a look. Hey. Listen, I'm the alpha. I'm going to eat this thing first. I'm going to be the new alpha. There's no need for a new alpha. I'm the alpha. You're not even a beta. I'm alpha. No, I'm not. Ah! Tell me what -- Every day. Who was the alpha? Who was the beta. It changes from every day. I'm definitely the portly wolf. Whoever the animators are -- A bone to pick with the animators. I think it switches. More than anything it's in the sketches. Are you going to be the alpha in this sketch? That's right. In real life we're both betas. Tell me what the heart of the movie is. I mean, it really is touchin and this baby captures the emotions of everyone. I think a lot of the story is about family. It's about the family that you make and find yourself in a situation making the best of a situation and that being related to somebody is not necessarily the number one thing. Like that finding friend hiplet is just as much family. Yeah, really sweet movie. Really funny movie. I mean it's got classic like vaudevillian level comedy. Absolutely. It was right up our alley. How was it making it? I know you guys when you were doing some of the voiceovers were in like two sides of the country, right? Tell me what that was like. We've done sketches like that. We've done sketches like that. Digitally put -- Stood next to each other. It's interesting because the fun challenge is the timing because if one of us -- there's a little bit of a delay and the director is like, say that in unison then look at each other and we're going -- Yeah. Comedy is all about timing so it has to be even more difficult. Andy Samberg, some other incredible cast members a pt of this as well. You weren't all in the same room. It's funny. Animator puts it together and looks like we're all next to each other and but did something not a lot of others do, let us talk at the same time and they never let you do that but it works well in the film. And improvise too. We got to really -- you know, in it we don't just play two wolves but the entire wolfpack. All of the wolves, like 250 wolves. You guys are so great to interview. Do you everything together. Just about everything. Yeah, we are on different coasts but we -- Sometimes. Even on different coasts we will sometimes finish each other's -- Sandwiches. Very well done. Key & Peele, very well done.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are live in Times Square to discuss \"Storks,\" their upcoming animated film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41733980","title":"Key and Peele Talk 'Storks' on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/key-peele-talk-storks-gma-41733980"}