How Facebook Helped Save a Kidnapped Newborn

A group of young people used Quebec police's Amber Alert to locate the alleged abductor.
2:41 | 05/28/14

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Transcript for How Facebook Helped Save a Kidnapped Newborn
These with the -- big hole in the -- of -- terrified mother called victory. The moment she got back Kirby Victoria. And it was all thanks to poor people -- -- twenty years old. I don't realize is. -- does and a prison time nobody. And then I save a life is that it isn't -- and that's the end. According to police around 7 PM this woman posing as a nurse walked into the probably care hospital. And allegedly went into the room where small black clear and Melissa McMahon were with BB Victoria. AM asking some questions so. We don't know why she's here so she tell still toss them says there routine -- to do would you be -- so we don't that's okay that's good. But we find something that something. Weird and reduce. By 10 PM police issued an AMBER Alert looking for the abductor who was seen getting into a red to -- -- -- -- -- with a baby on board sticker. The alert went viral on social media react around their face their -- and bear zero shortly in part in two other friends were -- home. When they saw the posting. He just says oak lawn seating dissenting out -- and night so it. We just go find a car yeah. Yup they decided to -- around and look for the red car. A closer look at the photo in Charlayne recognized the woman in the picture it was an old neighbor I know -- because the police came. Some -- eighteen to her apartment in immediately spotted the car. We -- and there window opium we did -- I think we know that this book ended I was. They called police who -- mean it's. In broke down the door there'd be Indiana after learning that -- -- -- in there ends of the police and resentment that you and that's and -- -- me it's resident businessman in my life. -- -- -- Peace with the hero's welcome at the hospital the -- yet few seconds away from being back in the sea farms of Ramallah. Meanwhile the alleged abductor he's now under observation in hospital. -- that prince. She's under police surveillance and will formally be charged when she's released he says Victoria's parents took to FaceBook to -- every one who helped find their baby. He specially the four young heroes who admit -- the proudest moment of their lives. And then suddenly -- -- -- -- It's safe to say they'll never forget the not so boring Monday night that being Ned -- Victoria. From the CTV news quality get.

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{"id":23900901,"title":"How Facebook Helped Save a Kidnapped Newborn","duration":"2:41","description":"A group of young people used Quebec police's Amber Alert to locate the alleged abductor.","url":"/GMA/video/kidnapped-newborn-found-facebook-23900901","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}