'Kingsman' breakout star on snagging the role of a lifetime

Egerton appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his role in the 'Kingsman' movies.
19:49 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for 'Kingsman' breakout star on snagging the role of a lifetime
You know my mom and she always told me. Southern is get our good manners from Britain's. Name tattooed. Now thank you know myself. Go I never enough for you. Black eye should be an invitation to me did you hear gay and came in the shape removal. With Jimmy king has been taking his show in London maybe you try to use all the kings and yeah pump. Leslie I got them find Susan in phases basically I got on sex but cern got a damn show. And see if I got it right you only believe there is known for Taylor. Actor and advanced biometric security system the network live video logs on. That don't don't it's gonna get down in these ten really really works well. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn we we tell you what is happening at the movies and the movie around now which is called. Kingston in the golden circle. If you're not seen that then I don't even really wanna talk to you which is why I have my guests had to earn interest and to tell us on. Thank you for having me so have you done so why have you made this hateful. Watch what we met there women and any change in the secretive mystery is ago the likes to say it was that kind of sleeper hit this rip roaring success or do Rio went back would this new installment Kingman ago was so cool but so there's egg Heath like. Street yes saying they street paid and he he kind of has this incredible skill sets he's very resort's full. Collins says and does make you very intelligent. He he's a sort of army drop he's very physically fit and strong and capable. So what drugs have a cat and I wish you anyway and anyway Wiki that it would wasn't up to it and try to get. But what happens in the first known these Harry hall calling card to recruit him to compete that this. These available bucking position as the new spot. And exploitive and he manages to get better because the system he saves the world full of the Baltic summit of acting within Islam and they don't watch it. And in these new group and kings and in the golden so cool eggs he is the finished optical he's this fully fledged kings an agent he's out saving the world on a regular basis. All of a sudden. Disaster strikes. On this mystery veteran rulers up things. Seibu Mike eggs on mark's strong card in the maneuvered the kind of the key figure from the James Bond films he's visited the guy. There were all named after knights of the round tastings and on and on gala. The leader of breaking news is we have a new one because. I filled the last month is played by Michael Graham on who is all about. Author and we happy with the million and I go on the fact finding mission that piece together what's happened. And a series of events leads us to discover that we have a sister organization. Communities. Kind of this you know in in the way that we play these heightened being used to implement. We discover that there is USA organizer nation who of these kind of gun toting thousand cowboys. To tucked in its Kentucky eaten and where is we are front is that we are tight show. The the statesman. They say they they being make Mecca they Abbott distillery in the Kentucky. And I think there's more money had been in that and there is entirely during say they are kind of they kind of in our war foundry in terms of what they're able to do. And this is what Jeff Bridges comes in as the leader dean campaign. Wheels are turning tapes and he plays agent. Barry he ginger trial paid her past values agent which you index of top agent. I'm so basically what we do these we've we've discovered that some that'd be some named villain is. Is poppy whose base kind of gas to the crazy. Americans we hop kind of gone wrong played by. The pits in the U and Americans they are to gamble. I yes. Here is she Lauren endless cycle well whether girl he I don't know whether he just keeps bat. So after knowing exactly and that she would just grind you loved ones she which is Korean government the US has a reading that he didn't dispatching. You don't like a really nasty mean. So yet set a unit of the premise you need to climb back into the fifth yes staying in the shape that you need to be yet years she may idea well I'm biased up a little bit like Eddie the eagle but I bounced right back to you do to maintain what is it to keep. Because I can I I don't always stay in great shape by kind of I mean I mean it alignments on training for Roman agree she's on trying to back. It's of it's a hot at the top and I struggled with I enjoy training is eaten maestro and team. Chicken vaginal Montel. Everybody that there L popcorn. A body that it's oh it's salted mostly so wagon that Lou good it's nothing sweet can ever go into your body and training to do that you don't printed. If you thought. I have an incredible trying to. A garden and don't Wong in on them. Who is one of my best friends and it's I'd very much opposed to working with him and his team and it makes it. But wind just tell me a little bit about the first day on Kingston is this Secret Service. Yes and you to rounded buying. All of this. Major town. On this a little bit you want another I'm sure that's still true but the first one is yet to being thrown in. Despite your training rob despite on this he's still in its. Gigantic. Movie is something churning inside a B or you just confident. No I think a cool looks there's there's an and I still get nets now when I start something but I. That's going to be really really helpful but there's also point where I know that they become the master of me and parents it's a bites polishing them I think and using them to energize you and and not letting them control you saw you on the Thursday at king's been exhibited challenge but. I was helped by you know an incredible direct and an amazingly gracious cast you know. And Colin particularly. Olson mark strong and every hold my hand through the process and I'm making me feel valued among these. It defied both stars some now the second one yes you've done and all those other wind and Allah I am the most well of course an animal. Appeared at a shipment if it. But no just in terms of that confidence level for you. Between the first one in the secondly you have to be feeling something a close look at the kind of characters why such. Why he's so you know exhibited that the thanks you know kind of and so volatile baton. You know he's got a great hot and very bright very noble but he's also got real swagger and you kind of have to get yourself and it's like to let pol. Does nothing meek about him. So ETU. The shades of me in. I think he's possibly had a sort of tough time growing up and I had. But. There are shades of Meehan. You braved an anonymous thing. Well here who would do that awaits action in if you would you wouldn't be here if you were doing jumping off the incident building he's he's not riding calves and two Warner yet to be human. I've strived strived to now I always feel I'm not spoiling anything if it's in the trailer. That they can't come after nothing else I mean all hold me multiple well I don't care. But but but but you can they can flat you ran it well okay I in this and get me if it's there but anyway there was a lot of especially with Collins saying well. He's he did in the first and he got shot in the head yes and it was supposedly over who and then he's back. Now we see him you know he has an ice packs now he was shot there's a whole thing in on American television. And soap operas where if something successful they come back. Just in May like 400 million dollars what a little more things of that can raise the dead anywhere. To earlier this will allow you Condit was 400 million dollars but did you guys have to gather round con and say you need to be back. I think. Actually Colleen. Was very keen to come back and I think it meant it's obviously for me to maybe many huge deal but it was such it was quite a departure for Colin and I think. It wouldn't be remiss of me to say that it meant a lot to him as well in a lot of ways he's been just. An and an important part of his life and people fell in love with that. People love the character of our talks. And I think to have the chance to revisit it all the all the heat at about was that he didn't. Fetal forced pool pool. It and feel believable in the context of the world we created and I believe that Matthews I had to achieve that and it doesn't feel contrived it feels right and and also. Eight EU rules does does not that you any of those two characters in the kind of father son thing. Does more to explode. And dying for my car I'm very glad he's back well how did this all happened fee of what we view. You know I always hear that you Welsh but you brought up in in England what what is it what's that background until I was actually I was I was boarding in the Mitchell wilds when ours still. Acog what are the company is old. I'm of their antivirus nineteen in the moments of drama school ended three is an and I did some say it's redundant. I that a play my sister was a private Judy waltzes and I did is the Tom's courage. Some had a great few months and then I did a television show of the six months and it was while I was filming that series that season. I go off with the addition eggs and so I was auditioning for easy probably twelve months out of drama school. There was a very long and sort of straight news solution process that involved kind of running around with guns and in anything dramatic scenes in. He must've done right well practice. Matt he. It was had a funny is math he can if collecting doesn't mince his words and he's kind of quite straight. And you know. I remember about this two editions and he kind of came in Allen's. It's nice but I mean that like you have a look on his mind you and he sat nine and said it didn't really look at me. OK right. Got. I did the scene and he was still looking back. I select Kaye. Lead on an easel and he looked up from went. What was your name again hadn't that was the first when I thought. My theme of the show it. I was the first to. May very many positions and really put into my place that he would put your name on it's hard drive them yes right. The the yet he certainly was aware of my name probably would think. Well this year tackle Aaron who has been leading man from his new beautiful which was kickass whatever similar. I don't know that I would is spelled out. Argued today. Figure this out incorrect and opening it great but. Makes me look really got to look painters. Really essential but it's just a matter of Opel who have gotten in the sleepy isn't doing its account for. Any of those other people that are to them up is alignment these mark become. Wanna mark one of my best friends and we. We did Eddie do you together and produce them Arabia and we have problems on the projects and things he's great he's someone I'm very keen to continue work with because I think he's burning only Republican. You do keep mixing it up which is very great for young actor to do. You know icu and legend in Europe basically the lover Tom Hart yes when that the twins yes. And vineyard testament of youth and you nineteen you know now it's it's. So far they have been able to say. This is what tended to play yeah because that's a very tough thing for any actor yet I think that aren't really great in Mars. He achieved that and and amber panels I think I'm someone. I'm knees and bullets it's nice that keep making things are accused. It makes me still through creativity stimulated and excited in knots but I'm just finding it in. And also it's about playing characters from his well I think news offices script bear the sort of plot driven but by. Don't always have great characters and and usually that kind of bigger more commercial things and they just held a little bit acts and that's. Just I don't like yeah I I just want to play different parents and he would. What's on what we you watching growing up what was it that means you say I'm in the deep. Walk away once as a woman selling do I left I was I was subtle comedy growing up a lot of British comedy. I don't know I garnered. I think it was a huge thing to me. I think acting is an honorable to the office was something that was when it is not when I'm in that team. With some the McKee should days off the bay mine freeing these days by Steve mentioned. Mackenzie Crook I remember watching and Dunning is is these. It's a vacuum enters its drama and being able to figure act and programs and that and I just though that was something really special and magical and bring the something arteries. Man. I would not making growing up as well have been parliament. Films. But I don't remember specific thing that made me think. That's what are they all but I actually one of the those mean he's islets in the cinema. That may need really for an up with was my dad took me to see the fifth adamant when I was I was a when it came. Gary Oldman and offers. That was something I've read remand that evening and kind of having. The united. It restatement means something I agree to what. And the south. And you do lean. I know it's crazy I are you know one of the luckiest people that you that pinch yourself moments that yes I'm just I'm leasing now with all the time. All the time. Because now you're Robin. You. Crisis. Crazy mad because I would Robinson when I was eight years old is violent and Alan look for Halloween what. Yet just a fun in the hat. And at but he is late an imminent. And it ended in a big studio reviews she's. Olds like an origin story the type and origin story it's a very it's it's the real re imagining the stories. Set you know world sat in a kind of medieval world that we these elements of industry is kind of huge steel that is in. And injuries in auto industry to be Mary. This very. Specific world these medieval world these elements in the did he. And the targeted is very remote in his lab in the sense that. I don't. It's not with the language in the Barry. Colloquial and contemporary. He was very brash and news. I'm we have this amazing cast I'm robbing Jamie Foxx on. Opted to have round easily give up in new. Guys. He's really strong. Jamie folks at the stroke if you look at every. Back in Europe by. Demand Oscar winners in your movies now actually get a bra that. And ban Mendelsohn. Is share our views were a month by practice. That was I was Soes so excited about some great things together. We're taking them and won an Islam. So yeah eight supported them incredibly incredibly excited about it and billionaire boys club to yes. Yes that that was another wonderful what an intimate morning. Really great friends amount maybe the fantastic album. And Spacey. Or rovers. The brilliant group remembering experience. That you see. You at any time off are. Suffice it really putting images do you jump out of planes. He who is on him like go for them not want supplies but I its iced it with well what you wore. Program. She's the various either there. I am I like an off line. When my family are about the way of consumer I'm at the insistence on Monday about ways it's wrong that there are rose of the people on earth are. You tell you are too. So like most of course of the day we you have people chase scene. Right it was like you're out in public they it's not positive outcome a little bit what do they do what they want from Wednesday's. Just by tellers and it changed then. I'm only just I think it's just that obit among the schools but only about things I'm loving things manner of a real. The following of real diehard fans and if so amazing to speak to people about these incredible details in the film they picked up on. And that just makes you realize why you know. People really love this community and they elected over and over yeah yeah that's of the people whatsoever Harvard art sites and and it's white way with with the name we do all of the hopefully a singing. NC yes that. Right it just happens and that I bringing up is this your first time since don't know we always and it's wrong. Ran. A room all lanes. Railing. So it can be anything that's in your head in the course it's not a complete number because I wouldn't do to. Okay out if she sounds design. Sacrifice anything come lot mine. By the sick happened in there and spy double lining boys become them and I and repeats how it goes on line news. And on track Lil bit under my skin. All I didn't expect it but there are a lot. Burma Ted thank you so much pizza just think it's great fun to talk to you mentioned.

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{"duration":"19:49","description":"Egerton appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his role in the 'Kingsman' movies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50012355","title":"'Kingsman' breakout star on snagging the role of a lifetime ","url":"/GMA/video/kingsman-breakout-star-taron-egerton-snagging-role-lifetime-50012355"}