'Frozen' Star Kristen Bell Goes Back to 'Mars'

The actress talks about crowd funding with Kickstarter to get the "Veronica Mars" movie made.
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Transcript for 'Frozen' Star Kristen Bell Goes Back to 'Mars'
Fans have waited nearly six years. "Veronica Mars" is back on the big screen. Chris tkristchris -- Kristen bell here with us. What do you think of the space? It's pretty rad. It definitely wakes you up. And a lot of communication going around. We want you to get involved in the conversation. These are fans of yours. This is our instagram chat wall. I'm Brenda. I want to know if cow could have dinner with three people, who would it be, alive or dead? Wow. Whoa. That's a very good question. Probably -- Audrey Hepburn. Malcolm Gladwell, and Richard Pryor. I think would be a good dinner partner. Could I be invited? That's a great party. Come into the studio, will you. Come op over here. Tell me first of all, how fantastic was it to be back with your girl, Veronica? Oh, it's the best. I wanted to make a movie since the day the show was canceled. I always felt for some weird reason if my bones that it would happen. I think you have, to don't you? I hate to say I told you so. I love the power of positive thinking and the power of social media. The kick-starter fund was unbelievable. I was floored. Our fans have been unbelievable. I think they proved that to the world. I thought we could make our goal in a month. I had no idea they would triple the goal in a month. I had no idea that the fans wanted it that bad lp. We're flattered to be involved in the project that so the people want to see. Kick starter raised $5.7 million. Was that enough? No, all the concessions we made were behind the scenes. Like, nobody got paid. Everyone was there because they wanted to be there. And we -- retake it very seriously that our fans funded this movie. We are not flippant about it. We desperately wanted in the best movie possible for them. We tried to work as hard as we could and deliver. It picks up about a decade, fine years after the series ended. Venn ror Ron Ka has gotten out of the private eye business, however, pulled back in by her ex. Logan is in trouble. He's charged with a crime. It's like a godfather type scenario. She wanted to leave the business. She gets sucked back in. Can we show a little clip? Yeah. Having spent nine yours figuring out exactly who you are? Hasn't your life been better since giving this up? Getting out of Neptune? It was an iniquitous hell hole before you left. Everything you worked for is right if front of you. All the fan favorites. Logan, mack, piz. If you're not a fan, there's a lot of fun. A cameo from a certain hubby. Yeah. In the film. We got a nice stud-muffin cameo from Dax Sheppard in there. Was it easy to get back in the skin of Veronica? I don't feel like I'm acting when I play her. It's special to me. Would I find it, would it be as natural. About ten minutes into shooting, I was like, oh, yeah. Team Logan or team piz? I get so so much trouble when I answer this. The fans outside the windows are signs. I'm split down the middle. I know there's passion with Logan. But piz treats her so well. It's tough. Want to move on to something serious. You and your husband, Dax, are spearheading the no kids policy movement. Share what that means. I think after having a baby rerealized how ridiculous it is that our children are roped into this sort of paparazzi issue. They're extremely aggressive on the street. They run red lights around schools. They push children over to get pictures of celebrity kids. I had had it. I taught I wanted to start a public conversation. I think that people that look at pictures of children do it because they like children. They would not want to see them if they saw how they were taken. If the parents want to take a picture or bring the kid to the premier or don't mind that the photo is taken, then post it. But I don't want pictures of my child on the internet. I want people to realize there should be consent around minors' pictures. To that end, I would like to add that "Good morning America" and all of ABC news platforms will not be using pictures of celebrity children taken without permission. We're so on board. That makes me so happy. And so happy on behalf of my producer, Sabrina, who was in tears when she found out that Veronica Mars was coming back. Congrats on Lincoln. Great name. "Veronica Mars" opens nationwide on Friday. Check it out. Outside to ginger for a final check of the weather. What a group out here. We have a bit of a rain/snow mix. It will be a rather mild day.

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{"id":22844473,"title":"'Frozen' Star Kristen Bell Goes Back to 'Mars'","duration":"3:00","description":"The actress talks about crowd funding with Kickstarter to get the \"Veronica Mars\" movie made.","url":"/GMA/video/kristen-bell-interview-2014-frozen-star-back-mars-22844473","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}