Models 'Eat Tissues' to Stay 'Paris Thin,' Says Ex-Insider

Ex-Vogue editor Kristie Clements claims to reveal modeling world's darkest secrets in her book.
2:33 | 04/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Models 'Eat Tissues' to Stay 'Paris Thin,' Says Ex-Insider
off -- this is great. You got to win the game. No, no. Overall number one right here. My wheelhouse. Motown. But we digress. We do digress. We'll get to the story, tell-all book shaking up the world of modeling called "the vogue factor" written by an ex-"vogue" editor and reveals the shocking and dangerous things models will do to stayn for the runway and abc's diana perez has the story. ♪ Reporter: The quest for a skeletal frame in the fashion world has been mocked in movies like "the devil wears prada." Just one away from -- Reporter: Have you ever wondered what fashion models really do to stay so thin. I have seen especially for the runway shows and some of the girls go to extremes not to gain weight. It was kind of all behind the scenes so you didn't really see it or talk about it. None of the girls eat anything. Not since 0 became the new 2. Reporter: The world's top fashion magazine editors have known the secrets for years but the chic queens behind fashion's famous front pages are known for keeping their lips sealed. But now in a new tell-all "the vogue factor," author and former australian "vogue" editor kristie clements reveals how some models resort to eating tissues to turn hunger pangs in hopes of staying, paris thin. I've definitely seen the ugly side ofing disorders with the modeling industry, the means that some of them use to get their obviously very unhealthy. I am a littleurprised that a "vogue" editor is speaking out about it because usually these are just things that we just know about but we never talk about. Reporter: She claims some models starve themselves for days claiming one even visited the hospital six months out of the year using hospital drips in place of food. Anybody that's seen an eating disorder and seen their daughter or a member of the family go through that knows the consequences of it and how ugly it is. I felt terrible. I felt complicit to be part of that. Reporter: She was famously fired from the magazine in may of last year but she insists this is not a revenge novel of her 25 years at "vogue." It's honest and if honesty is not bitterness. Reporter: Overnight the current editor in chief of rogge "vogue" australia told abc news she can only speak on the magazine as it stands today and that "we are vocal ambassadors for the message of healthy body image" for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york.

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{"id":18878935,"title":"Models 'Eat Tissues' to Stay 'Paris Thin,' Says Ex-Insider","duration":"2:33","description":"Ex-Vogue editor Kristie Clements claims to reveal modeling world's darkest secrets in her book.","url":"/GMA/video/kristie-clements-skinny-models-eat-tissues-stay-paris-18878935","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}