LA Schools Shut Down Over Unspecified Threat, Police Say

All schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District were shut down today following an unspecified threat, the Los Angeles Police Department said.
3:00 | 12/15/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LA Schools Shut Down Over Unspecified Threat, Police Say
This is an ABC news. Now reported. George Stephanopoulos. And we are coming on the air right now to address a security threat in Los Angeles this morning the Los Angeles schools have been closed today. After a bomb threat was called in to several schools at around 5 AM Pacific time this morning the police. Called in to the superintendent who made the decision. To close schools for the day they have also asked parents who might have sent thick as a school to keep them. At home on want to go to Matt Gutman on the scene right now in Los Angeles Matt. Say good morning George yeah. The very fluid senior HI thirtieth the only unified school district has been closed nearly 700000 students second biggest school district in the country we're hearing reports that bomb threat not one but multiple bomb experts were called into schools now. Out of an abundance of caution the entirety of the schools are being closed. Families are asked not descend or keep the school they've been dropped off to being picked up. Dozens and dozens of pluses had been ordered by dispatchers to turnaround dropped to kicked off if they are and rooted if they're not at root this state court. Until it that this threat is credible enough to be taking seriously but apparently it is not that curious that. Tactical alert has been issued sort of seen swat teams rushing to schools or anything like that. But one thing that we are going to see today George is at the entirety of this school district elementary schools middle schools high schools. We're going to be checked by the LE PD and the LA sheriff's office. Early to make sure that the threat. What does that not credible we're hearing that off bombs and other packages or that threat either left at schools placed there are not exactly clear. But that is one thing that EL APD in the sheriff's office is to have to work out for the remainder of the day. An electronic throws transmitted into the schools on a good our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross. And right it does appear that this threat was targeted specifically. At the schools not any other targets in Los Angeles area. That's right Georgia talking to senior law enforced there's an all attachments. They say that they do not regard this as serious and not put the LAPD. I'm a tactical alert as Matt Gutman reported. But there have been a series of us threats. Throughout the Los Angeles area it is a city on edge of the lake the San Bernardino attacks and as we know the other. High school in San Bernard needle was found photos on what were found on the faux messiah truth and is considered a possible follow on target for M. So from the point of view of the Los Angeles school system there was ample reason take this action. The police officials tell us George this was a decision made solely by the supreme China schools. And major scare press chemistry announce that decision wanted our senior justice correspondent. Pierre Thomas appear there is so much concern coming out of San Bernardino that this could have been part of a wider plot. Well law enforcement officials simply are not taking any chances. Again senior law enforcement officials tell me that. The federal government is seeking additional information about precisely. Why the LAPD. And the school system took this particular position. They are got its is that again the threat. Was phoned in of some sort the federal authorities will help them sort through this but George as you mentioned we're talking about the threat environment right now. The attacks in San Bernardino came on the heels of what happened. In Paris there was great concern about the potential for copycat attacks also we're looking at the anniversary of those new town. Killings at that's school system in Connecticut a few years ago so law enforcement simply is not going to take any kind of chance. Particularly what a threat involving children. Not right now in President Obama also addressed the as a threat the Pentagon yesterday everyone on the highest ruler Pierre Thomas thanks very much we continue modernist. All through the day for now let's go back to our regular programming for many the on the West Coast that's Good Morning America. This has been a special from the ABC.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"All schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District were shut down today following an unspecified threat, the Los Angeles Police Department said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35776247","title":"LA Schools Shut Down Over Unspecified Threat, Police Say","url":"/GMA/video/la-schools-shut-unspecified-threat-police-35776247"}