Women get the last laugh after a man books 6 dates in 1 night

The six women, who all found out they were supposed to meet up with the same man on the same night, speak out live on "GMA."
4:37 | 08/09/17

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Transcript for Women get the last laugh after a man books 6 dates in 1 night
And we've got a great audience. Young audience here for Kesha. We've got a look at the dating story trending everywhere where one guy tried to date six women in one night at one bar. Oh, yeah, but it was the ladies who got the last laugh and we'll tuque to them in a moment but first let's take a look at the story. 26-year-old Lisette Pylant say she was the first of six women to go on a date with this man named Justin. It was not an episode of "The bachelor." Going viral with the unlikely tale. 45 minutes in his next date shows up because he double books. He said Justin introduced her to date number two as his friend. She played along to help the girl feel less awkward until he exits for a moment. While he was away not only did the two women realize they are both there for a date, a third woman arrives. The two girls and I decided to be best friends and left homeboy with the bill. The three ladies leave the serial dater for another bar but that wasn't the end of the date for him. Jk, it's not over, the bartender just texted us to tell us homeboy is on another date. Pylant enlisting friends to rescue date number four and on the way out they discover his fifth date of the nit. She posted my friends intercepted her and told her not to waste her time. And yet he still wasn't done. Pylant tweeting we went back and he was with number six. Very busy young man and we've got five of the six ladies joining us from Washington, D.C. This morning. Where is the guy? Lisette, Kristen, Kali, Alex and Jess. We asked him to be here but he declined. We got to say welcome, ladies. Thanks for joining us. Lisette, that Twitter thread went insanely viral. Youwere his first date. But why did you decide to tweet about it after the situation happened? As soon as Kristen showed up we just decided it was too ridiculous not to share and that if this was happening to us that it must be happening to other people too and we just figured this guy needed to be called out. And, Kristen, as Lisette said, when you showed up I know you thought it was ridiculous. What did you think when the third date showed up? We quickly relegaled we were on a three-on-one date and decided to turn it into a girls night and left him. Left homeboy with the tab. Justin declined to join us this morning but he did tell us something. He said that he was actually looking for love and these aren't dates but preliminary conversations. Okay, Kali, what do you think about that? This wasn't a preliminary conversation. This was speed dating and we didn't know about it. What did he tell you when you confronted him? So when I went up to him I introduced myself as date number five. And he immediately said, oh, you're already cut. What? I quickly realized I was on a dating site and a dating reality show that I didn't even sign up for. That wasn't cool. Wow. And I have a question like the bartender, he flagged all of this and I have a question. What should people take away from this story? What did you learn from this story. Dating in 2017 is messy. And life is messy. Life is too short so we took a negative situation and turned it into friendship and it's just funny. Girl power. Girl power. You can't treat people like that. It is funny but he will have to go into the witness protection program. I have to say your spirit and like you said how you have gotten a friendship out of it and how you, you know, looked at that and wanted to share that story with others and it's rough out there. It's rough out there. It is. Kristen, this was your first time doing online dating. Will you continue to do it? I'm not going to do it anymore. I'm over this. Thank you all for joining us.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"The six women, who all found out they were supposed to meet up with the same man on the same night, speak out live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49104849","title":"Women get the last laugh after a man books 6 dates in 1 night","url":"/GMA/video/ladies-laugh-man-books-dates-night-49104849"}