Lady Gaga on Her Magical 'Obsession'

The pop sensation talks about her creative process behind the new single, "Applause."
4:36 | 08/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga on Her Magical 'Obsession'
How are you. Greetings to gaga. Welcome back. You look fantastic. You look lovely. I love the look. You pulled up in that vintage cadillac. Yeah. And you were old world glamour. Thank you. I can't believe I was in an el dorado. So the first question we've all been wondering, how are you feeling with the hip. I was reading actually quite serious. I didn't know you actually broke your hip. We didn't know actually. I had no idea I broke my hip until I think it was the third mri that I had because we had to do quite a few tests to really figure out what was wrong but I'm okay now and I really, really worked on my rehab very diligently and I thought about nothing but my fans every minute since that tour ended. Working on the rehab. That must have been arduous. It was intense and especially because I'm such an active person and I love performing so much, it was -- it was challenging to stop performing. That was the hardest part, not seeing the fans, not performing, not playing music, but you'll actually see one of the scenes of video I actually rehearsed lying down a lot. I did. I couldn't help myself. I use -- I would play the song and just do the choreography on my back and dnd visualize the fans and thought of them every second. We did9 shows and I guess my accident happened 20 shows before it was over, so -- it had to be incredibly painful. They have not taken one moment not to think of you. They are pressed up against the glass all around times square and they're very glad to have you back. As are we. When I look at this, when I look at this and look at the new look and see the image on "applause," tell me what's behind the whole, you know, creation of the look here. Well, when we were on set we did a lot of different looks in this video so you're going to see that soon but they're each very representative of different parts of me as well as my obsession with transforming and transforming is magic so this particular image, we put this sort of clown makeup on my face as an ode to the jester who looks for your applause and as i was performing in the -- on the set, I started to feel really emotional and sad because i hadn't seen my fans for a long time and it's very different performing for a camera than performing for 50,000 people. It feels different and I truly miss them so I took my hands and I smudged the makeup down my face like here and I began to cry while I was singing "applause." What I mean is not that I live for attention but I live for making you happy and that's when the applause happens, when the audience loves it. We even talked a little about the chair and the audience because for you, this chair represents communicating to your fans in the way that you have. Yes, it absolutely does. And with art pop I really wanted to create a musical and visual language that shows that my fans and i, we talk in images all the time on the internet. Not just to one another but through pictures and videos and through art. I'm little 7 monsters.Com which is a social media site we built dedicated to little monsters i talk to them constantly and this chair is really indicative of what I want to say with this campaign. I'm not just a musician, I'm also a creative mind. How did having -- being forced no the to perform for awhile how did ha change your creative process? It made it much more intense and amazing because I couldn't do anything else but create. I couldn't dance. I couldn't rock. I couldn't anything so I sat on the couch and I worked every day and I wrote all my ideas down and I obsessed about the music. I read someplace you called it your gazing period. I'm working with jeff on some new art projects and robert wilson and the music and video and jeff talks about art, i literally just -- I sit there like this and fan myself. Meanwhile, he's so incredible but the gazing ball is something that he's used in his work and in his previous -- most recent exposition at the symposium and he talks about looking into the gazing ball and really, really having a transient doesscendent experience.

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{"id":19999358,"title":"Lady Gaga on Her Magical 'Obsession' ","duration":"4:36","description":"The pop sensation talks about her creative process behind the new single, \"Applause.\"","url":"/GMA/video/lady-gaga-interview-album-artpop-sing-applause-obsession-19999358","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}