LAPD Cracks Down on 'Swatting' After Escalation of Pranks

With more than 400 incidents nationwide, officials want to put an end to the costly prank.
2:30 | 04/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LAPD Cracks Down on 'Swatting' After Escalation of Pranks
getting out of hand. Celebrity swatting, bogus 911 calls that send the los angeles police swarming to the home of big stars. Police are now saying the joke is over. Ty hernandez is here with the story. Hey. Good morning. The dangerous pranks called swatting appear to be getting more popular and shaken up some of hollywood's biggest celebrities but after four stars were hit in less than a week l.A. Police are saying enough is enough. This morning, justin timberlake joins the long list of stars hit by the swatting prank. This video taken from a passing tour bus outside the singer's home shows the result of this dangerous trend. Here a tour guide explains to his passengers why a s.W.A.T. Team hastormed timberlake's estate. There was a call, four men entered the home and there was a call of someone being shot inside the home. Wow. It's very, very popular in los angeles. Reporter: Just hours later police respond selena gomez's mansion. Drawn by claims of gunfire. We are responding with the mind-set of possibly encountering a suspect or suspects with weapons or multiple weapons. Reporter: Gomez and timberlake joined rihanna and p. Diddy as the newest celebs targeted by the prank which relies on dramatic fake 911 calls like this one that sent s.W.A.T. Teams to miley cyrus' home back in august. Shot my wife -- you just shot your wife? I'm going to shoot someone else soon. There is a trend across the COUNTRY AND S.W.A.T.'ing IS Typically done through spoofing and spoofing is where you change the telephone number. Reporter: The calls may be kutcher's staff were rounded up at gunpoint until they determined the call about a home invasion was a hoax. A 12-year-old boy was charged with making that bogus 911 call but the culprits are often very hard to trace. They sometimes hack into phone lines to place the calls or use computers to access 911 telex services f. Well, it's the hollywood a list nobody wants to be on but the list goes on and on, justin bieber, clint eastwood, not just celebrities but 400 incidents of S.W.A.T.'ing ACROSS THE COUNTRY And cost police an average of $10,000 each time. Nasty trend. All right, ty, thank you.

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{"id":18895560,"title":"LAPD Cracks Down on 'Swatting' After Escalation of Pranks","duration":"2:30","description":"With more than 400 incidents nationwide, officials want to put an end to the costly prank.","url":"/GMA/video/lapd-cracks-swatting-escalation-pranks-18895560","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}