Laurent Tourondel's Elvis French Toast

Arlington Club chef shows Josh Elliott how to make his delicious Nutella breakfast.
3:49 | 03/11/13

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Transcript for Laurent Tourondel's Elvis French Toast
♪ ♪ we're back more from our friend, the chef at the arlington club. We loved his elvis french toast. Before he headed to rome, josh behind the blt restaurants and the partner of the arlington club in new york city. Creating a deck department breakfast. Elvis french toast made with nutella. Let me tell you, it's good for all. Responsering the segment. Laurent, it's phenomenal to meet you. Tell me about the arlington club. The new restaurant. Tell us about it. A steakhouse on 73rd and lexington. For somebody that started with blt, the fact that you do steak just as well, the meat just as well, the man does it palm he's multipurpose. Thank you. You have the elvis french toast. That play on the banana and peanut butter sandwich. We have the french toast mix. The mixture for the -- that was -- the heavy cream. What is this? Milk. A bit of rum. I hope that was supposed to go in there. That is the vanilla. The dry orange. And the eggs. Fife eggs. It's an easy job. And then sugar? Sugar, yes. I would whisk, but something bad will happen. We get this at the end. We mix it well. White bread, nutella, sliced bah Did you slice the bah that in the peel? Yes. I don't know if I would attempt that at home. Like a regular sandwich. I'm going to dip it inside the batter quickly. Right, right. This is what we have. We're going to get the sugar in the pan with clarified butter. That's interesting. Medium heat? Yeah, we're going caramelize it. Do you just, is there a time frame to before you get -- before you put it in? We have probably two to three minutes until it's armed with up. It's starting to carmelize. This is the result. The finished product. And the crew and audience have dibs on that one, by the way. A little bit of rum. Oh. Okay. You let it warm up. You flambe it. Oh, there we go! Okay. Wow. I didn't need eye brows. That was terrific. That smells so delicious, I'm in. Now the sandwich is ready. Why we get through this. Tell us about the brioche monkey bread. In the new arlington club for brunch. It's made with -- this is the finished version there. The butter and orange. Pecans. Logon to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!

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{"id":18701250,"title":"Laurent Tourondel's Elvis French Toast","duration":"3:49","description":"Arlington Club chef shows Josh Elliott how to make his delicious Nutella breakfast.","url":"/GMA/video/laurent-tourondel-recipes-breakfast-elvis-french-toast-nutella-18701250","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}