Lawyer Says Abigail Hernandez Suffered 'Unspeakable Acts of Violence'

The lawyer for the kidnapped teen confirmed Abigail had no prior relationship with her alleged abductor.
2:29 | 08/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lawyer Says Abigail Hernandez Suffered 'Unspeakable Acts of Violence'
Now to the New Hampshire girl who returned home last month nine months after vanishing. Her lawyer is speaking out revealing disturbing new details about her abduction and ABC's Ryan smith is with us and has more on this. Good morning, Ryan. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Since she returned home to her family a few weeks ago after disappearing for nine long months neither Abigail or her family representatives have spoken publicly about what she says she endured until now. Overnight, the lawyer for Abigail Hernandez, the 15-year-old allegedly snatched off the street last October, as she walked home from school disappearing for nine months, speaking to ABC about the teen's ordeal. She was violently abducted by a strange man. Reporter: And hinting at the trauma she says she suffered. She is a young child who has suffered really unspeakable acts of vice. Reporter: Hernandez was last seen in the public eye here at the arraignment for 34-year-old Nathaniel Kibby just days after she returned home. Flanked by her family, never making eye contact with her alleged abductor. He was charged with felony kidnapping. Kibby has not yet entered a plea. While prosecutors haven't ruled out additional charges Hernandez's lawyer thinks more are coming. When the investigation concludes, and all of the evidence is presented to the grand jury, that we would expect it'll be additional charges filed. Reporter: Now Hernandez's lawyers say Abby and her family want to deal with the speculation ha Abby went Willi willingly after meeting Kibby on line. They had no relationship. She had no knowledge who he was. She didn't know who he was. She was abducted. Reporter: Authorities continue to search Kibby's home in Gorham, New Hampshire, including this shipping container which prosecutors say was split into three sections but wouldn't elaborate further. Meanwhile, her attorney says Abby faces a tough road ahead. What she needs is some time to be able to work with her professionals and have some time to become physically and emotionally stronger. Reporter: Neither her lawyer or authorities are disclosing specific details about how she returned home or what Kibby did to her. Her lawyer saying he didn't want to compromise the case and that's not unusual in ongoing investigations but more is likely to come out during the preliminary hearing where prosecutors must present enough evidence to bind Kibby over for trial, robin. The family thought it was important to get out in front and say, hey, wait a minute, everything people are thinking -- His point was if it was your daughter you wouldn't want these things said about her so please respect their privacy. That was key. Thank you.

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{"id":24974912,"title":"Lawyer Says Abigail Hernandez Suffered 'Unspeakable Acts of Violence'","duration":"2:29","description":"The lawyer for the kidnapped teen confirmed Abigail had no prior relationship with her alleged abductor.","url":"/GMA/video/lawyer-abigail-hernandez-suffered-unspeakable-acts-violence-24974912","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}