LAX Shooting Witnesses Describe Horror Inside Airport

Jose Mares and wife Miriam Rodriguez stacked luggage to shield selves from gunfire.
2:21 | 11/02/13

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Transcript for LAX Shooting Witnesses Describe Horror Inside Airport
Terrifying stories of what they saw as a shooter went on his Rampage moments ago I spoke with Jose Morris and his wife Miriam Rodriguez. Here's what they have to say. -- say thank you so much for joining us so we'll worry you when the shooting began in what did you see first. We were standing in line to get our tickets to board the plane. Were like pretty much close to the end of the line when they're being an MI why we're just talking. And then from there that's more American -- it just happened so quick. And have you noticed the gunman before he started shooting. Just once he did. There was a quick view to -- -- and once the bet the band when now and that's. And are dead at a guy in blue just walking around what the big assault right. Well did you think initially that he was part of security or the TSA. -- -- I thought he will he blend in pretty militants are vital part of them. They came to the point where he just had a right for that update is the only one with a right hook so that. And I ignored that next you know we're just kept talking in line and next you know the first thing when now and then. We just did there MMX and other multiple shots went down and that's when we went down with the. And was there any moment of confusion when he first heard that gunshot or did you know what was happening. No efforts were often viewed the first one there was a loud bang we're all confused he -- it is -- if someone -- shunted to the floor that you don't even know what was it. And then -- that -- several shots went down that's when we -- hit the floor and we managed requirements to get on top prepared. While managed to get on top for her that's -- average for a lot of luggage and -- like water out of. Well Miriam what was going through your mind that all of this was happening. I was really scared now is bill is -- in and I was just get that maybe he was in the coming towards me mine has been -- -- -- -- where we weren't saying it says. He was they -- -- peeked out to where he was coming soon and he's like I see him coming at the incoming we need to leave. So he's like we need to get out so -- just saw me -- and you know he does that man and we just. Headed out the door while Jose and Mary and we are so thankful that you are safe this morning thank you so much for joining us I can imagine how frightful that must've been -- that airport many times. And that we appreciate that you joining us and telling us about what transpired yesterday thank you so much.

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{"id":20763935,"title":"LAX Shooting Witnesses Describe Horror Inside Airport","duration":"2:21","description":"Jose Mares and wife Miriam Rodriguez stacked luggage to shield selves from gunfire.","url":"/GMA/video/lax-shooting-witnesses-describe-horror-inside-airport-20763935","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}