Leslie Mann Stars in New Comedy 'How to Be Single'

The actress talks about working with Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson and shares how she met her real-life husband Judd Apatow.
4:18 | 02/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Leslie Mann Stars in New Comedy 'How to Be Single'
Leslie Mann. Okay, let's just get it out there. I sat down, there was a cushion on the seat. I threw it. It wasn't very graceful. Welcome to live TV, Leslie. Leslie is starring in a really great movie teaming up with Dakota Johnson and rebel Wilson. She gets a little confused when a younger guy is checking her out. Who is that anyway. Like 27. No young guy would ever talk to me except to get a prescription more medical marijuana. He might be going to the food. Nope, he's coming. He's here. He is adorable. Isn't he cute? Your character, I was like mad at you -- your character because you're so cute and you don't think that you're worthy of a younger cute guy talking to you. Well, I think -- well, it makes sense because young guys sometimes don't know exactly what they want, but he was super, you know, handsome and hairless which is -- Always a plus. And the opposite of my husband and he goes to the gym a lot. Yeah. Which is the opposite of my husband and when he picked me up his back didn't go out all the time. That was nice. So it was fun working with him. His name is Jake. He is so -- he was so great in this movie and you guys had really adorable chemistry. Thank you. So he was on "Girls" I think. He was on "Girls." Uh-huh. I love everybody around you, Dakota Johnson. Yes. Rebel Wilson. Jake and many others, what was it like working with this team? It was a great group of people. I got especially close with Dakota because we did most of our stuff together and then rebel is like one of the funniest people I've ever been around just, you know, no filter, says whatever is on her mind and sometimes it's painful to hear, you know, like the truth about me. She just -- I don't know if she did that to you. Did you interview her. No, it was George and she was very naughty. That perfect way that embarrasses George because we love when he gets embarrassed. Great, super fun. You and Dakota, you can tell you're very close. You feel it in the film and behind the scenes were you guys kidding when you were flirting with an interviewer recently? We saw this video. It's gone massively viral. Even your husband -- there's the interviewer and then you guys are -- what's happening? Why don't you describe. What happened is that was like at the very end of a -- Jong junket. Where you do four-minute interviews back to back for three or four hours and got a little crazy and we hit on this guy and it's like we forgot we were being interviewed and -- it was -- he was like such a breath of fresh air and, you know, it was fun to see him take off his shirt and -- He really took off his shirt. He took off his shirt. He unbuttoned it. There you go. The creepy girls but, yeah, you got to do what you got to do. Your husband Judd apatow, world famous writer, director, even got in on the ago. Saw that and tweeted out at you. Does he totally get it. What did he tweet back. He says -- why don't you read it. Dakota and Leslie hit on -- foursome. Yeah. So you read that. Okay. He's so funny. You guys don't need any lessons honor how to be single because you're in a terrific marriage with a great guy that we love visiting with. Ah. What do you want to tell people about this movie? Why is it a must see. You know, it's just a great movie to go see on Valentine's day weekend and if you want to laugh and have fun and then go see it. There you go. A plea from your star, Leslie Mann who we love having here, "How to be single" hits theaters on Friday, February 12th.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"The actress talks about working with Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson and shares how she met her real-life husband Judd Apatow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36733912","title":"Leslie Mann Stars in New Comedy 'How to Be Single'","url":"/GMA/video/leslie-mann-stars-comedy-single-36733912"}