Liam Neeson, Ed Harris Talk New Film

“Run All Night” tells the story of longtime friends who become enemies when one is forced to kill the other’s son to protect his own.
5:45 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for Liam Neeson, Ed Harris Talk New Film
What a treat this morning. We have got Liam Neeson and ed Harris. They have 200 film credits between them and appearing for the first time on the big screen in "Run all night." Ed plays a former mob boss and Liam his number one hit man. They're long time friends turned enemies when one is forced to kill the other's son to protect his own son. I'm the only one that ever cared about you and all of that ended an hour ago when you killed my son. I'm coming after your boy with everything I got. I won't let you take him, SHAWN. You got no choice. And when it's done and it will be done, you and I are going to meet back here at this restaurant at this same table that I used to share with my boy and I'm going to look you in the eyes just like you're looking at me in the eyes right now and I'm going to see how empty they are without your son in the world. Woo! Ed Harris, Liam Neeson here at "Good morning America" together. Lovely. Good to see you. Always a pleasure. Good to see you, ed. Watched it over the weekend. It's intense but there's an intimacy to it as well. I was watching and I'm like it can't be. First time working together? Yeah, yeah, yeah. We have mutual friends and all the rest of it. Ed has made over 70 pictures and I made over 70 pictures. This is the first time. We never met before. Get out. For the Reading around the round table, yeah. I heard you relished the opportunity. Sure, yeah. Definitely. Ed is a great actor. It's a mutual respect situation. And it was especially playing two characters supposed to have this history together. We just kind of fell into it because it -- really comfortable and totally trust Liam as an actor and vice versa. It was great. What comes through jumping through the screen. It's a good story, isn't it? It is. Even though it's intense, there is an odd intimacy to it as well. To set it up, you all are long time friends and you turn to enemies because of the fateful night when your son is about to be shot by your son and he does what a father has to do. Yeah. Redemption, retribution, I know that was something that drew you to it when Reading the script. Yeah. The main thing was this gentleman sitting next to me right here. You know. Once we got into it, yeah, I get a call from him telling me he's killed my son and part of the pain hearing that news is not just that my son is dead, but that I know what I have got to do because these guys live by a certain code. You take one of mine I'm going to take one of yours and you. Sure. It really played out. You said Liam, that you have got two sons. Sure, yeah. And this movie you're trying to win back your son's trust. Absolutely. So it's funny, we were doing -- people were asking how does that all come to play, the fact that you're a parent? Of course, it does. You know what I mean? It's not a big leap of the imagination. My son in the picture is my eldest boy's first name, Michael. So it's an easily leap to make you know what I mean? The action in this and I looked up and I'm like is that nick Nolte there. But your fight scenes and mark is your long time stunt double but you mix it up and like to be in the fight scenes. I like doing my own fighting, yeah, yeah, yeah. We have done 16 pictures together. He does all the heavy stuff, you know. Keeps you young, robin, you know. And you are young at heart. And ed, you were very busy because while you were doing this you were also on Broadway doing eight show as week? Yeah, a play called the jacksonian. The production was great. They worked it out. I wasn't working on the film every night. A couple times I do the play and then go shoot that night. But it was fine. Excuse me. He was getting police escorts every night to make the half hour call. You know. You're going to tell him a little bit. I'm going to tell on him a bit. We have Julian going to be here tomorrow for the 50th anniversary of the sound of music and we have the film that you did with her. Look at that. Memory lane. Let's go right here. Let's see it. All right. You like me being a cripple don't you? You're not a cripple anyway. What's your favorite, par pledgics? We call them Monday memory lane. You know I had to sing to Julie Andrews. How was that. It was terrifying. You said you never been so nervous before. Never in all my life. That's a long time ago. Lots of pints. Well, gents, enjoyed it thoroughly. Always great to see you and ed, wonderful to meet you. Don't be such a stranger. Come back. No cheese for you this time. Usually we have cheese for him. "Run all night" opens nationwide Friday.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"“Run All Night” tells the story of longtime friends who become enemies when one is forced to kill the other’s son to protect his own. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29496388","title":"Liam Neeson, Ed Harris Talk New Film","url":"/GMA/video/liam-neeson-ed-harris-talk-film-29496388"}