Linda Thompson Calls Caitlyn Jenner's Secret 'Devastating'

Thompson reveals how she discovered her then-husband's secret and what it did to their marriage.
4:11 | 08/23/16

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Transcript for Linda Thompson Calls Caitlyn Jenner's Secret 'Devastating'
back now with a revealing interview with Linda Thompson. The former wife of Caitlyn Jenner has new book out. The moment their lives would change forever. Chris Connelly joips us with more. Reporter: Following Caitlyn's emergence last year, Linda Thompson is sharing her recollections. He realized her husband's anguish is far greater than her own. Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis Presley and Bruce Jenner have left the building. Reporter: Ah, but she's here. Her memoir, "A little thing called life" KRON calling her time with Elvis Presley and the person we now know as Caitlyn Jenner. I think more than anything, it's been a relief for Caitlyn to be able toer merge as her true self. When I first met her, she was in a Bruce Jenner body. He was just an incredible person. Still is. I said to her, you have to giver yourself credit. You kicked manhood's butt. Reporter: Wed in '81, by '85, they were raising Brandon and bro Brody. My happiness was complete. Until Brody was 18 months old and Brandon was 3 1/2. My remarkable husband came to me and said, I need to tell you something about myself. Reporter: Linda fears it was an affair. It proved more consequential than that. He said, I identify as a woman. Those words, excuse me, what does that even mean, you identify as a woman? He said, I am a woman. I would like to become female on the exterior, because I have always been female on the inside. It was earth-shattering. It was devastating. People can't understand, you must have had some kind of idea. No. None, never, nothing. Reporter: Linda says therapy sessions along with Jenner would bring her greater understanding. My deeper compassion wept to Brous. For her to have felt so wrapped in the wrong body, it broke hi heart to think he had struggled so long and so hard. Reporter: I guess in some ways, you met Caitlyn on a frip to New York. Yes, I was trying to understand this thing called transgender. Bruce said come to New York and be with your husband. Husband was the word I was looking for. I went to New York, knocked on the door, fully anticipatory we would have a lovely, romantic week end. Reporter: In that '80s encounter, Linda was unprepared for who she said she saw. I crumbled. I just went oh, oh, no. I started crying. She said, I'm so Rory. I thought it was important that you see who I awe thentingly am. Not until that moment did it sink in that that crewly was who Caitlyn felt she was. I had to respect that and honor that and move on with my life. Reporter: In 197, she met Elvis as a movie theater. And you can't remember the movie? No. Would you be able to if Elvis Presley were sitting next to you, magging on you. Reporter: 4/7, Linda was hi lover, confidant, confessor, care giver. When my son was old enough to appreciate the impact, he goes, mom, you know, he's the original pimp daddy. Reporter: Caitlin Jenner's people tell us she was unavailable for comment. Lipd da's book is a feast for Elvis fans. Loaded with stories. An affectionate portrait of the king of rock 'N' roll. What a portrait. She tells it with great compassion and feeling for the people in her life. We can tell. Thank you. Linda's book, "A little thing called life" is available today. I'm many my had.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Thompson reveals how she discovered her then-husband's secret and what it did to their marriage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41588225","title":"Linda Thompson Calls Caitlyn Jenner's Secret 'Devastating'","url":"/GMA/video/linda-thompson-calls-caitlyn-jenners-secret-devastating-41588225"}