Lindsey Vonn and Gisele Bundchen Promote the 'I Will What I Want' Campaign

The Olympic Skier and ad supermodel discuss the inspiration behind their new Under Armour ads.
4:54 | 09/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lindsey Vonn and Gisele Bundchen Promote the 'I Will What I Want' Campaign
? I want it all ? The fun continues today as supermodel Gisele bundchen and olympic skier Lindsey vonn are added to the list of incredible women. The newest ads for under Armour of the the first one featured ballerina misty Copeland went viral and now they're both here to tell us how this wonderful, powerful I will what I want campaign is all about you. You were here yesterday. You're here today. We enjoy having your presence here. Thank you very much. Thank you. Gisele, when I saw that you were doing this, what is it that drew you to this kind of campaign? I felt very honored to be considered because I felt -- I love what they're wanting to show which is, you know, it's really about not listening to the outside noise and really about finding your strength and really knowing that you are all that you want to be. That's why you were the perfect one for it. You too, Lindsey, we know that you got injured. You're an olympic skier. Champion. And you go down with a bad acl and the fact that your ad shows how you are getting back the strength you need. Yep. I mean, this campaign is perfect timing for me because it really encompasses everything that I've been working towards. You know, I've had two pretty major knee surgeries in the last years and a lot of people want to speculate and I just don't listen to it. I keep working hard and I know I'm going to be back and, you know, the more people tell me I can't the more I'm going to show them that I will what I want. And we are able to see another side to you in this ad, Gisele. I got a sneak peek of the ad and to see the athleticism and there's an understatement to it that I think comes through so strongly. I like that, you know, they were honest so, you know, I have been doing this for almost 20 years and I feel like a lot of times people get to see me glamorous and the hair and the this and the that and the heels and for me it's liberating because quite frankly there's so much more of who I am even this business so much judgment all the time. You know, either makes you or breaks you. I think -- I feel very grateful that I I came out the other side feeling pretty strong. It's really made you. And you, as well, Lindsey. I know we're -- what, six, eight hours a day in yeah. What are you doing? What are you doing to get back? I mean, for a long time it was just knee rehab but now I'm doing, you know, two, three hours of cardio a day and weight lifting and, you know, upper body, lower body, yeah, it's a hard job. It takes so much mental toughness. I was telling her I just learned to ski last year. My kids were flying by me and I was like, wait. Amazing, right. But -- think about what she does. No way that I would go down that mountain, no. No high heels. You see, this is another thing. We all women are so special and unique. We are all so different and you know it's like we each have our strengths and it's different -- it's all special and it's like I couldn't do what you do. You couldn't do that I who. I couldn't do what you do so thank good for the differences. We all have a job. We all have a job. That's what the campaign focuses on, as well. You two have I would say competitive men in your life. Tom Brady, tiger woods. And, yeah, and, Tom, he has an under Armour deal, as well. Is there a little competition in the -- There is no competition. He's a wonderful man and he's so supportive. It's great that way. You know, I'm really shall I cheer for him. I'm his biggest fan and I think it goes both ways. He always has a big smile when he's with you. I'm grateful. How about with tiger. Do you all -- I'm totally different. We're like what can we compete at? Oh, yeah. We're like anything that we can compete at we compete at. That's just -- we're fierce competitors and we're both in the gym. Who can put up more weight. It's always a battle and I love it because I push him and he pushes me and we're just -- we're two athletes at heart and it's really a fun relationship. That's what makes the world go around. What do you both want people to take away from this campaign? The whole idea is to really trust in yourself of the you know, get to know yourself and, you know, that's it. You are your -- you're the one who creates your reality so like why listen to everybody else around you? Like go there, focus on what you want and go get it. Don't listen to what anyone else says. Do what makes you happy and your will is the most powerful thing that you have so will what you want.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"The Olympic Skier and ad supermodel discuss the inspiration behind their new Under Armour ads.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25260188","title":"Lindsey Vonn and Gisele Bundchen Promote the 'I Will What I Want' Campaign ","url":"/GMA/video/lindsey-vonn-gisele-bundchen-promote-campaign-25260188"}