Lisa Kudrow Demands New Trial After Juror's 'Mistake'

The "Friends" actress reportedly received a letter from civil jury foreman which could suggest jury misconduct.
1:58 | 06/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lisa Kudrow Demands New Trial After Juror's 'Mistake'
7:42, with a new twist in Lisa kudrow's long-running million-dollar battle with her former manager. The actress now demanding a new trial after receiving a shocking letter from the jury foreman. Lindszie Janis has that for us. Reporter: She made millions of dollars on "Friends." But in a highly-publicized trial this year, a judge ordered Lisa kudrow to cut her manager a check for $1.6 million. But a new and bizarre twist could send them back to court. "The Hollywood reporter" says it obtained a letter reportedly written to kudrow from the jury foreman, which could suggest a jury disconduct. Apologizing for the verdict, he writes, I firmly believe the majority decision was not correct. Adding the attorney gave an unwarranted, untrue attack of Lisa kudrow's character. He reportedly went on to describe jury deliberations. Claiming that one of the jurors was a former deputy district attorney, who he says used her influence to persuade other jurors. A claim that three jurors, in sworn statements, denied. I am sorry. But I'm incredibly talented. Reporter: Howard claimed kudrow had promised him 10% from what she earns from reruns on "Friends" and other projects and won. Speaking with ABC news, after the verdict, back infebruary. We set a precedent for a situation where actors and representatives live up to an oral agreement. Reporter: Howard's attorney, mark bout, is confident in the ruling that was made. Telling "The Hollywood reporter" quote, the verdict is righteous. Crudo and her lawyers declined to speak to ABC news. They return to court to make the case for a new trial. We'll have to wait and see what happens. Going on a long time.

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{"id":24005101,"title":"Lisa Kudrow Demands New Trial After Juror's 'Mistake'","duration":"1:58","description":"The \"Friends\" actress reportedly received a letter from civil jury foreman which could suggest jury misconduct.","url":"/GMA/video/lisa-kudrow-demands-trial-jurors-mistake-24005101","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}