Live-Stream Workouts in Your Living Room

Many gyms now offer virtual fitness classes you can stream from the comfort of your home.
3:01 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for Live-Stream Workouts in Your Living Room
working up a sweat in a live stream workout. It's the hottest new trend in fitness. All your favorite classes from spin to boot camp to even ballet streamed live in your living room and Cameron is here to tell us how to do it. I got to tell you these live screaming workouts perfect for a guy like me. I don't have time to go to the Gil kerlikowske. I don't have a gym membership. Can you do these any time, any place if there's a class obviously I'm about ten minutes or so or more into this spin class but it doesn't have to be just spin, there's a wide variety of workouts. You guys take a look while I try to keep up here. Between work, kids and, well, life, it's easy to go months without seeing the inside of a gym and get this, a recent study found 85% of Americans don't even have gym memberships. What if you could streamline your day by live streaming your workout. Hands out to the side. Reporter: Cycling is on the cutting edge of live virtual workouts. New York City's studio is equipped with five cam remarks a control room and top of the line spin bikes. Live streaming fitness is absolutely going to be a big part of the future of obviously technology meets fitness. Reporter: And the trend is only growing from flirty girl fits in' dance class from $15 a month to boot camp, less than $10 a month for unlimited classes. The options and workouts are endless. Here I come. It's been a few years since my "Dancing with the stars" days so this should be interesting. How are you? Luckily I'm in good hands with trainer to the stars, Mary Ellen bowers. So do you have people all over the country kind of streaming in live to your class? We're got people joining in from, you know, over 80 countries. After a quick wardrobe adjustment. We won't be needing this today. ? Seven -- Reporter: Class was in session and it wasn't easy. I want everyone to take note of my ballet toes. Look at those toes pointed over like that. A cramp, cramp. Just hold it back. Hold for a second. Okay. I'm pulling. I'm sucking it in. Reporter: An hour later -- thank you -- I'm beat. Now I'm going to go stretch because I'm going to be in pain tomorrow. Thank you. Ballet class in my own home with personal instruction. I mean who knew. A lot of personal instruction. You need more because I noticed you're in 14th place on the leaderboard. You're not winning. You think you can cheat because you're not actually in the room with the people, but the teacher has an idea of how I'm doing. My output. I get to see how everybody else is doing so, yeah, I'm 14th probably out of 14. Is that the main difference between in an actual class? I would say so, yeah. You till get that essence because you get to feel the pressure and the ego comes into play because everybody knows what you're doing but, yeah, you're still in it.

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{"id":25049470,"title":"Live-Stream Workouts in Your Living Room","duration":"3:01","description":"Many gyms now offer virtual fitness classes you can stream from the comfort of your home.","url":"/GMA/video/live-stream-workouts-living-room-25049470","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}