Lobbyist shot at congressional baseball practice speaks out

Matt Mika, 38, told ABC News that "time stopped" when a gunman opened fire earlier this year at Republican lawmakers practicing for a charity baseball game.
3:17 | 09/04/17

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Transcript for Lobbyist shot at congressional baseball practice speaks out
But it turned out of an ABC news exclusive with the survivor of that mass shooting targeting Republicans. Congressional baseball practice back in June met Mike Washington lobbyist this. One of four people shot in an attack that also seriously wounded. The house majority whip Steve's Kelis now Matt is opening up but those. Terrifying moments to our congressional correspondent ABC's Mary Bruce. It's been almost three months since this Virginia baseball field. Were battlefield. House majority whip Steve's police and three others shot. I could see his eyes and the gun but that was but then after that was like I gotta get out of here now Matt mica is speaking out for the first time since he was critically wounded. Returning to that field. What do you think we walk through this gave him. I think it's awesome live there incidents X six minutes according to the police reports talented field it felt like. 304045. Minute time stopped this stopped. The 38 year old lobbyist and volunteer coach takes us inside the shooting spree the bullet holes the piercing reminder. There's two clipped. Pieces this is the first place he shot through. Hodgkin's it approaches the field near the third base line and opens fire hitting it's the least mica is over on the first baseline when he spots the shooter. We are Yucca I don't know who yelled affairs and we started running. And that's when I turned. Like this. And ran that way. And that might have been when I got hit or when I was over there is still don't know exactly when yet cause I know is when I got around to negate. I had blood dollar much death on my pants. As he Ron identity is rolling his chest. His instincts kicking in my deceased congressman Joseph Barton's ten year old son Jack and pushes him into the safety of this concrete dug out other members seeing him. And Scott there's a kid out here in the parking lot Mike a ducks behind an SUV he hands over his head when he's hit again. I was like this on the ground. So your arm being like that you think protected your hat yet. That clearly states. The next shot at had shot or another shot in the chest. The only reason that those officers were there was because of Steve Scully that's craft has a protective detail because he's in leadership. Have you. Pozen ought to think what might have happened he had it China for practice I wouldn't be here right now and we talked about a massacre. Mica is still in physical therapy but says he has every intention of getting back on the field next year. The simplicity safe tape this is the Sam. This is where people come to have fun. Justice to have any violence or guns or shooting so we have been better than. For Good Morning America Mary Bruce ABC news Alexandria Virginia. Driven him to go back to the scene of the crime I can only imagine a perfect time about some pretty frightening emotions. Well equities at the end we have to be better than months. Good motivation for us I.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Matt Mika, 38, told ABC News that \"time stopped\" when a gunman opened fire earlier this year at Republican lawmakers practicing for a charity baseball game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49607767","title":"Lobbyist shot at congressional baseball practice speaks out","url":"/GMA/video/lobbyist-shot-congressional-baseball-practice-speaks-49607767"}