Lost Wedding Ring Found on Roadside By Good Samaritan

A man lost his wedding ring on the side of the road but a stranger was able to find it later.
2:14 | 12/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lost Wedding Ring Found on Roadside By Good Samaritan
-- a Christmas story just waiting for a happy ending another good samaritan miraculously making a big fine this time. A man's lost wedding ring but now comes the hard part finding the owner of said raying. He's hoping that one -- you can help the -- take a look. Heading to Lake Tahoe on a -- interstate eighty near king bail California. But driver stopped clamps no change. Thought it was tires but in doing so he lost his platinum wedding ring with the barely visible inscription Lisa 5 June 2010. News installing these -- Gloves on tailback -- mineralized Bruins -- off. That's what the distraught driver told to Douglas Benedetti he's -- -- -- installer who stopped to offer help. When he spotted the driver frantically sifting through the snow here is using the light on a cell phone -- To reports. -- -- The driver eventually quit searching and with his wife waiting in their nearby car off -- And so did Benedetti but not for long at 1 o'clock in the morning the good samaritan returned. -- decided to go look for the ring because. I knew approximately where it's I was hunting with -- my head lamp and -- right. It took me less than an hour when I found it next to a semi truck. There was slightly submerged. Lewis knows he found it -- husband's ring but there was no way to return it. But his Benedetti never asked the driver for it. It happened so fast and I've never been married but I know that a husband loses -- wedding -- Someone else is going to be -- Wrong people -- good. Visiting hours in the snow that's -- pretty terrific OK so here's the deal. If you who are the owner of that ring tweet us at CNN or better yet. As somebody who can do we appreciate. The matter -- pat Sam Champion. -- floor model. We can reunite -- -- be a happy story speaking up that's a great thing though that I mean it's a great things don't truly let's get the owner of that ring back to his ring.

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{"id":18065864,"title":"Lost Wedding Ring Found on Roadside By Good Samaritan","duration":"2:14","description":"A man lost his wedding ring on the side of the road but a stranger was able to find it later.","url":"/GMA/video/lost-wedding-ring-found-roadside-good-samaritan-18065864","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}