Lottery Store Owner Unaware He Won $1M Powerball Prize

Kulwinder Singh is traveling and has yet to learn that he sold the winning ticket worth $425 million.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Transcript for Lottery Store Owner Unaware He Won $1M Powerball Prize
Powerball. 425. Million dollar pot going to one person who has not come forward yet. Now we want to bring in -- Deedee Roy who is outside that press conference to answer a few more questions. For us DD here on the phone from there get an idea Milpitas isn't far from San Jose what is that town like and what's the mood like right now. Sure I'd ever be talking you -- Comment on -- 88 Silicon Valley. And if you're out but -- have -- it mentioned it was where. The lottery the Mega Millions. Of backing it ever been. Apple -- Next winner here. It -- by. All bark at me here and very -- and currently feel. -- -- Area. The people at a I would and it's been great -- all here all. Year but the big like that. Or injected. -- -- And I have locked in our ship and that you can act in -- he. Appeared people who are. Woke up this morning to buy. Lottery ticket was built in their backyard. Here getting here to -- on a lot. Well now a lot of it. The media occurred near camp but a lot of onlookers trying to picture what I'm didn't. Think it remind. Here's the story in the -- The Lotto fever here. Padilla can tell you had the exact opposite feeling in those 42 other states about that once we -- we heard there was one winner. We heard from one of the store owners there who act one million dollar bonus it's almost as if they want when the lottery to but. As far as we know there is only one winner. Surely not. Equity capital the lottery and commissions and find out if there is immediate but they come out -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually extraordinary feat that is the one and 170. -- billion chance that you'll win the lottery like this. And the fact that there's only one letter. Should be all the more special. It -- talks about the big payout here 425. Million who are listening to California lottery. Officials they said the lump sum of that payout would be about 242. Million dollars that's still quite a -- a change. Isn't that persons and yeah I've heard her state that we really -- I you know someone without that they. Lucky winning ticket yet -- beg to talk to lawyer object count in the war. I mean -- really really get by. Watch -- make sure that you're making but actually -- optical. -- -- ordinary out of money. -- you know you want to make sure that you are -- for the white. You know we've been watching you know see in the video come out of their involvement of the Delhi is -- the gas stations give us an idea described that area it looks like -- at convenience store gas station with some other stores attached. Yeah exactly the -- -- and there's a way -- here. Every door and a little my -- -- The army that -- this year in it edit it into that. Really -- you kind of -- that the little bit in the the press conference but. The bookstore owner -- the other. She is actually and route in the had AT and beer and eat and -- and -- has just actually. EB they have no -- He when he was and they're going to -- In the next couple hours just that he had no idea that on January ballot they eat up the -- out and many think about it -- -- you know. I'd probably typical immigrant experience -- Italian. Leader in that. You know similar kind of D'auria -- Big exactly -- coming to this country. Yet trying to get. Economic opportunity -- what -- actually met with its small business. Expect they'd been hard working over your -- and genetic opera production -- You. I got -- one million dollars. It back huge huge -- yet not been beat -- It's like changing collapse.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Kulwinder Singh is traveling and has yet to learn that he sold the winning ticket worth $425 million.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22606041","title":"Lottery Store Owner Unaware He Won $1M Powerball Prize","url":"/GMA/video/lottery-store-owner-unaware-won-powerball-prize-22606041"}