Lotto Winners Hit Jackpot With Wrong Ticket

A New Hampshire family won a $2 million jackpot after a clerk sold them ticket for wrong game.
2:18 | 12/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lotto Winners Hit Jackpot With Wrong Ticket
And now historian bad luck that turned into good fortune and a very Merry Christmas for one New Hampshire family. They -- -- two million dollar lottery jackpot all because -- convenience store clerks sold them. The wrong lottery ticket ABC's John -- is here with the story John good morning. Amy good morning the winner originally went -- convenience store to buy lottery tickets for two different games making an honest mistake. The cloak the clerks sold -- tickets for the same game with a two point one million dollar jackpot now get this no one realize what happened. Until the winning numbers were poll. The -- -- -- New Hampshire had a very happy holiday city at peak in the states megabucks lottery. -- like it's -- real quick that the and it was all because of a mistake it turns out the -- -- became overnight millionaires after cap these husband Scott purchased the wrong ticket. My mistake changed -- failing his place. Nicole G sold Bennett he's winning ticket at this circle K -- it originally wanted to purchase a lucky -- life ticket. -- G accidentally hit the megabucks button instead. And -- to hold. He's sitting on the couch with the ticket in one hand and New Hampshire lottery web site on the computer just staring at both of them and really -- didn't believe that. Turns out the -- it's truly were lucky and now they're set for life. Carol's husband miss the press conference because he was working he's thanks G but what about a reward. I honestly don't expect anything that's all -- to him and his family if they want to do anything like that. She says she simply please the wrong ticket. Turned out to be the right one for the Bennett's. I'm pretty happy about it. Just because. I was able led help them have a really good press -- a very Merry Christmas it's very overwhelming but I think once everything settles will. Enjoy end. Take the time to enjoy it will decide what the future's gonna -- Now the circle K store in Hillsborough New Hampshire will receive 21500. Dollars for selling that winning ticket. The owner says he plans to share some of that money with its employees. Including -- -- -- least she won't end up empty handed Amy the lesson we've learned here at the -- -- -- -- wrong ticket. -- with a -- that -- not -- she ever made. Thank you John.

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{"id":18066167,"title":"Lotto Winners Hit Jackpot With Wrong Ticket","duration":"2:18","description":"A New Hampshire family won a $2 million jackpot after a clerk sold them ticket for wrong game.","url":"/GMA/video/lotto-winners-hit-jackpot-wrong-ticket-18066167","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}