Louis CK accuser speaks out on comedy's 'open secret'

Rebecca Corry told ABC News she was working on a pilot in 2005 when Louis C.K. asked if he could masturbate in front of her.
3:55 | 11/13/17

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Transcript for Louis CK accuser speaks out on comedy's 'open secret'
For so we begin with the growing need to movement hundreds. Marching down Hollywood boulevard on Sunday send a message days after five women came forward with sexual misconduct allegations against comedian Louie CK. ABC's Lee Davis spoke exclusively with one accuser Rebecca quarry about the allegations that many say. We've heard this before Lindsay weren't open secret tape you're exactly right and good morning T Amy at Cory says that incidents of sexual misconduct with Louis CK work common knowledge of people joked about it and made light of it. Then it happened to her and she says it made her angry. A release CK accuser is speaking out this morning about what she calls the opening secret about the comedian. It was just actually sort of common knowledge. In the comedy world kill me jokes about it all the time then she says it happened to her. Actress and comedian Rebecca quarries seat here in two year old girl's family. That's in 2005. Luis CK approached her when she was working on a TV pilot I was walking to set. To shoot my scene. And he approached me and got really close my face and say can I ask you something and I CBS. And he said can night. Masturbating in front of you in your dressing her she says when the show's executive producers Courteney Cox and David Arquette found out they were disturbed and supported. Even discuss curtailing production but Corey says that's not what she wanted a wanna just sort of pretend like it never happened I mean. I wanted to do my job those opportunities are few and far between they most certainly didn't want to be the person who was responsible for shutting down a production or even being part of the narrative. She says her one regret if I can do any thing. Differently it would be that day. I would've shut down production I would've confronted it and I would have dealt with that then because I have learned that. Doing nothing saying nothing. Does not help. Apple Couri is just one of several women who came forward in a bombshell report by the New York Times Saint Louis either tried or did exposing touch himself in front of them. Now. We're still up. Afraid of women. Many of the standup comedy scene said the rumors of his behavior were an open secret for the past decade. Some even making jokes about it on stage the popular comedian who has since been dropped by FXH feeling Netflix. Was quick to issue and an apology saying in a statement. At the time I said to myself that what I did was okay. But what I learned later in life too late is that the power I had over these women is that they admired me and I wielded that power he responsibly. Cory says two years ago Louis CK called her directly to apologize. As for how this so called open secret was allowed to persist for so long. You're that powerful in your generating back kind of money. And you can you can literally night someone's life by giving them a show. You know. That's what's gonna happen. And also with regard to how it stayed an open secret for so long quarry went on to say that the comedy world is a very different world and she says that's there's a lot of allegiance and a lot of fear and it's not a comfortable place to speak out. But that's what she would like to see change she says if she hopes of the paper we'll stop and people will stop quote. Laughing and joking and high five I think that's so interesting because I heard Rebecca say that she didn't want to be the person responsible for shutting down a production instead of knowing that it was his actions and their would have shut down a production and now she says that her message would be to say something well she certainly has now indeed she seemed much more about when he called a couple of years ago what she said to him when his manner was like yeah she said of the time that he said oh I'm sorry that I forced into a closet and she's a rule that's not even what happens eventually sinking. He must do this what a lot of different people because this isn't even the incident that that happened how then she said she really wanted to just get over it and smooth things over. Now well she's certainly speaking up now and a lot of women in what manner lessening thank you Lansing.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Rebecca Corry told ABC News she was working on a pilot in 2005 when Louis C.K. asked if he could masturbate in front of her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51109159","title":"Louis CK accuser speaks out on comedy's 'open secret'","url":"/GMA/video/louis-ck-accuser-speaks-comedys-open-secret-51109159"}