New LPGA dress code policy sparks debate

ESPN-W columnist Sarah Spain reports on the social media backlash over the new dress code that tightens the rules on what female players may wear on the golf course.
3:01 | 07/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New LPGA dress code policy sparks debate
On today's big board, controversy for women's golf. Backlash over a strict new dress code. The updated policy which some critics are calling body-shaming crack down on what women can wear on the golf course. Reporter: See-through tops, low cut, short shorts. A far cry from your grandmother's lbga. The morning, the ladies professional golf association says it's time to get back to tradition, implemented a new dress code. The rules set to go in effect this weekend at the marathon classic in Toledo, Ohio. A laundry list of to nos. Forbidding racerback shirts without a collar. Criticism from fans and golfers alike. Come calling it body-shaming the. One Twitter user posting this picture. With the comment, some ladies preparing for play under the new golf code. Pro golfer Paige feranic also chiming in, untucked shirts, and clothes that don't fit, too tight or loose, should be added. Because I think that looks unprofessional, too. For players like Michelle wie and others who compete many more modern attire, failure to comply could mean a $is,000 fine. Let's talk to Sara Spain from espnw. What do you think? It feel like we're policing women's bodies and attire across so many spaces. The classroom, the the senate, the golf course. It doesn't seem like it's about what looks professional or put together. It's a fear of sexualizing women's bodies. We have a lot of trouble in our society separating women from their sexuality. There's a strict dress code on the PGA tour. What is the difference here? I think, first of all, we should use common sense. If it's 100 degrees at southern hill, the men should be able to wear shorts. It feels like the men's dress code -- right, I mean, come on. The men's code is about tradition and professionalism. And the women's code, the way it's written in all Capps, it feels like it's chastising. It's about the fear of sexualization. Jane park is a pro. She says the the new rules target only a few players. I think that is potentially true. A lot of the more traditional players might not notice. Some of the more savvy players who know expectations are to be dynamos on the course and also be appealing to sponsors. We're telling athletes sometimes to sex it up for more attention. Now we're telling them to sex it down. You're great when you're around the horn. Tell Tony to cut you some slack. No more mute. Take care, Sara. A health alert about dangerous condition from working

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"ESPN-W columnist Sarah Spain reports on the social media backlash over the new dress code that tightens the rules on what female players may wear on the golf course. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48719328","title":"New LPGA dress code policy sparks debate","url":"/GMA/video/lpga-dress-code-policy-sparks-debate-48719328"}