Girl, 7, Starts Business, Bakes for Charity

Lucy Babcock founded Lucy's Bakeshop at 6-year-old and donates a percentage of her profit to charity
3:11 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for Girl, 7, Starts Business, Bakes for Charity
Happier note says this man this man takes this is a bit it's amazing who's making its friends and -- that's the -- -- first of all the case that this is day. -- in the -- won't -- -- maple butter cream brown sugar baked. Most of us have ever heard my life and doing what and how it's a good stuff at them I couldn't definitively yes it's a factor a Suffolk settlement that would in real -- rating -- the one to make -- think that it had parents who say hello to the master pastry chef behind the little wonders arguably. A little wonder herself very -- -- is running a very successful business. Because she's discussing it here on GMA alive lose these big job joins us that -- see. Babcock how are you a little one. Yep that's about the federal yeah not canal out so it. -- most kids. When they think bake sale right there thinking sell some goodies it school create a lemonade stand. You have -- -- beautiful business with these fancy. And fancy cakes -- these beautiful stickers and ribbons. How did you go from the typical. Kid that the bake sale to the fantastic business person. -- -- -- -- -- -- Roll we'll all bulls play well yes cats scoop. -- -- I felt -- brutal bar that hadn't -- since he told me. -- That some ads so I just didn't see you make these wonderful creations and then all the money you make. Actually goes to a very good cause what do you do with a loose. I looked as always it -- I -- like -- -- she already does this. As a money. That's fantastic on that's terrific you view -- -- -- -- cancer charities animal shelters a -- made -- to the class greeted elephant that is terrific all right so. Muir feeding us this morning but Arnie when are we get heavy stuff we ought to talk about the day we first battalion a takeover of the baking world Lucy is that what you -- they'll. Well yeah I. What are you want -- -- when you grow up. -- -- -- -- All the -- and you think did you pick out that -- yourself it is viewed including music and beautiful. -- -- did you pick that out. And world challenged. The love relief from. Learned that's off his mom right there. Tell mom to -- If it's -- -- -- album coming may have come in the shot. I don't. Jennifer -- want to ask you do you have to be proud seven years old accomplished and really doing the right things for the right people who really need it. Is there there. The I just Robert Byrd. Well my waistline will not thank you but I want to thank you both for being with us today it was fantastic -- Thank you congratulates -- that Iraq.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Lucy Babcock founded Lucy's Bakeshop at 6-year-old and donates a percentage of her profit to charity","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19420411","title":"Girl, 7, Starts Business, Bakes for Charity","url":"/GMA/video/lucys-bakeshop-lucy-babcock-starts-business-bakes-charity-19420411"}