Lululemon Chairman's Apology Called Worst Ever

Company founder made matters worse when apologizing for his comments about women's bodies.
3:44 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for Lululemon Chairman's Apology Called Worst Ever
I love "pop news." We're going to move to the clothingulemon, and the company's founder, giving what some are calling one of the worst apologies ever. Just days after blaming women's body problems for the pants. Reporter: The so-called apology is making lululemon's problems worse. And it started out so well. Chip wilson, his voice quivering. His eyes a bit teary. First, the customers were inadvertently mooning each other in yoga class. Then, the claims that the workout pants were too sheer and peeling. Then this -- some women's bodies don't work for us. Reporter: Chip wilson appearing to suggest it's his customers that's the problem. Rubbing through the thighs. Reporter: Now, one week and plenty of outrage later, a very necessary apology posted online. I'm sad. I'm really sad. Reporter: Off to a good start, right? Let's hear some more. I'm sad for the people at lululemon that have had to face the brunt of my actions. Reporter: Wait a second. An apology to lululemon employees? Surely he'll beg for customers' forgiveness next. I ask you to stay in a conversation that's above the fray. I ask you to prove that the culture that you have built cannot be chipped away. Reporter: No. No apparent apology to customers. No explanation at all. From a marketing standpoint, chip wilson's apology is a disaster. He's saying, I'm sorry that i got caught. But he doesn't seem sorry that he said it. Reporter: This morning, some customers taking to lululemon's facebook page, calling the apology foolish. And wilson, a, quote, jerk. Is it the worst apology ever? Some say it's right up there with tiger woods mistress mea culpa. I'm so sorry. Reporter: And this doozy from paula deen. For the wrong that I've done. Reporter: After months of bad headlines, is it time to call in the crisis manager? Perhaps a type like "scandal's" olivia pope. It may be time for a new voice for the brand. If people don't feel the connection to the company, lululemon could be in trouble. Reporter: We reached out to lululemon. They're not issuing statements right now. This is not the first time that chip wilson has taken aim at full-figured women. In 2005, he said, if you go to plus sizes, they would have to use 30% more fabric. And he would have to charge 30% more. And he wouldnasn't going to do that. People are speaking out. We asked people on twitter and asked everybody, what do you think about this? About the apology? And kristen said, they're having to apologize a lot. I'll spend my hard-earned money elsewhere. And puddle says, sure. Why not? It's true. Spandex is not for everyone. He was telling the truth. The truth is hard to take. Grow a backbone, america. All right, puddle. And the tea lady says. I fully accept lululemon's pants are not flattering on my body type. So, I wear brands that are. He's a businessman. This is josh's point. You know, this has got to be bad business. You would think. You can't sell to part of the population. After 2005, the fact they've been in business this long, is no small miracle, I would argue. But all right. There you go. Thank you very much for bringing us that.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Company founder made matters worse when apologizing for his comments about women's bodies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20886522","title":"Lululemon Chairman's Apology Called Worst Ever","url":"/GMA/video/lululemon-chairman-chip-wilsons-apology-called-worst-20886522"}