Maine Man Hiccups for 13 Days and Counting

Doctors struggle to find a cure for the man's non-stop hiccups.
3:00 | 11/17/12

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Transcript for Maine Man Hiccups for 13 Days and Counting
We're going to turn to a medical mystery of the most annoying kind. A man in me hasn't been able to stop hiccupping for 13, agonizing days. The poor guy went to the hospital seeking help. Reenblatt is here with his story. Reporter: We're talking about a rare medical condition, called the persistent hiccups. It has one family in maine desperately searching for a cure. For the last 13 days. For nearly every waking hour, mickey cheney tried just about everything you can imagine to get the hiccups to stop, all to no avail. I drank some red apple vinegar. I sat upside down, drank water. Reporter: The problem eventually landed cheney in a hospital in portland, maine, earlier this month. His worried wife says it's become a serious health concern. I watched 15 pounds slide off of him in the past 12 days. Reporter: It began, he was at work, making deliveries for u.P.S. First, I was thinking, it's got to go away. It hurts. Basically, like it's doing like I do a situp every time i hiccup. Reporter: Doctors thought the cause was severe heartburn and sent him home with medicine. It didn't stop. Anything you're going to do with that frequency has the potential for becoming a serious issue. Reporter: One journal study says more than 4,000 americans are hospitalized every year due to persistent hiccups. As a teenager, jennifer's hiccups gained national notoriety as the hiccup girl. She couldn't stop for five weeks. As for the cheneys, they're hoping micky's hiccups have a happy ending, one they want to see sooner rather than later. Charles osbourne holds the world record for hiccupping. It started in 1922 and kept hiccupping for 68 years. Until one day, the hiccups just suddenly stopped. Mystery. I feel so bad for that guy,

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{"id":17746668,"title":"Maine Man Hiccups for 13 Days and Counting","duration":"3:00","description":"Doctors struggle to find a cure for the man's non-stop hiccups.","url":"/GMA/video/maine-man-hiccups-13-days-counting-17746668","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}