Major Snowstorm Slamming Midwest Targets East

The winter storm could bring up to a foot of snow from Washington, D.C to Boston.
2:42 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for Major Snowstorm Slamming Midwest Targets East
Let's get to the massive winter storm already walloping the midwest. Now setting its sights on the entire northeast corridor. Sam, you said to keep an eye on it talking about it yesterday. Minneapolis gets about a foot of snow out of this. Chicago, an 8-12-inch snowstorm out of that. 1,000 flights canceled at o'hare. A long line of who gets snow and plenty of it. The totals are something. Watch the two storms get together. Chicago, indianapolis, detroit, pittsburgh. Charlottesville, washington, d.C. This could be a punch of snow for washington, d.C. Then the low forms a coastal low and makes a run. Already flood watches and warnings in coastal areas. For philadelphia into new york into boston, wednesday night into thursday if the low takes that path and curves up the shoreline that you get your mix along the coast and accumulating coast on the inland areas. More than 45 inches of snow so far in the season in minneapolis. Ginger zee is right there. Good morning, ginger. Reporter: Hey, good morning, sam. Snowing at a good clip here. Behind me, you would usually see the minnealis skyline. Visibility so low you can't. Behave had a solid half foot of light, fluffy snow. In colorado, i-70 shout down for hours due to major pileups. Minnesota, a slippery mess. This guy is going to ditch. Reporter: Drivers who didn't read the signs ended up overturned and in ditches on the side of the road. Outside the twin stirks man rescued from his car. Minneapolis has already seen five inches of snow with sench more expected, this could be the biggest storm this winter. In d.C., They're prepped, salted, and ready. It bypassed us in the winter months. March is roaring in like a lion. Better be prepared. Reporter: Because this son the way. Snowplows worked tirelessly to clear thousands of mile. Freezing rain and then snow on top. Reporter: Across the region, a familiar sentiment this morning. I would like to see this be the end of the wirnt season. I've lived in minnesota my entire life. I'm not counting on it. Reporter: Some communities around here have already declared a snow emergency and we have just learned that more than 1,000 flights from here to chicago canceled.

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{"id":18654727,"title":"Major Snowstorm Slamming Midwest Targets East","duration":"2:42","description":"The winter storm could bring up to a foot of snow from Washington, D.C to Boston.","url":"/GMA/video/major-snowstorm-slamming-midwest-targets-east-18654727","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}