Major Storm May Impact Thanksgiving Travel

Wild weekend weather is making a mess of the southwest and could be heading east.
3:00 | 11/23/13

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Transcript for Major Storm May Impact Thanksgiving Travel
The big storm making a mess in the american southwest. It will lumber eastward across the country, possibly impacting thanksgiving travel plans for millions of us. Meteorologist, ginger zee, is all over this storm. Good morning. Good morning to you there. Dallas, right now, under winter storm warning, just went into effect hours ago. And look at this. Nine states, now, with some sort of watch, advisory or warning, as the south and southwest get slapped with a little bit of winter. Snow, ice and wild winds. A storm is whipping the southwest with a bout of winter come early. The ice. Reporter: In oklahoma city, the afternoon commute became the afternoon slide. Overturned vehicles, roads turning to rinks, from abilene to lubbock, texas. Almost half of texas roads are covered in ice. We had some rollovers. And quite a few people in the ditch. And still have people out there right now in the ditch. Reporter: In phoenix, arizona, highways swallowed by almost two inches of record rain. The friday night lights, turned off. The wettest day of the year, postponing crucial high school football games. And the rulers are out, from kansas, to accumulating snow in colorado. Behind all that mess, a blast of cold. Yep, that's a fur-lined coat in houston. Temperatures plummeting almost 50 degrees for some. Welcome only by this snow-loving bunch. I got out of school early. And decided to take advantage of the weather. If you're not driving, some people liking it. But here's where it's going to go next. It slides through mexico. But a low pressure system going count counterclockwise. Not only does dallas get one hit, austin and places like that. They're going to get a second hit. From today, the first little bit and tomorrow. And everybody along the east coast is going -- I keep hearing things about the storm affecting my travel. This thing starts cooking once it gets out of the gulf and goes up, we think, and a lot of commuter models are up and down. Inland would get snow. Rain/snow mix closer to the cities. When the folks are traveling, a little bit of drizzle can cause delays. We'll be tracking this tomorrow morning. But coming up in the nation's

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{"id":20989103,"title":"Major Storm May Impact Thanksgiving Travel","duration":"3:00","description":"Wild weekend weather is making a mess of the southwest and could be heading east.","url":"/GMA/video/major-storm-impact-thanksgiving-travel-20989103","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}