Make Lovely Valentine's Day Plans at the Last Minute

Find out how an extreme procrastinator can avoid making their plans appear thrown together at the last minute.
3:28 | 02/14/15

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Transcript for Make Lovely Valentine's Day Plans at the Last Minute
Today's Valentine's day. As if cow couldn't tell from the subtle jut fit. No help from Dan with the maroon, purple tie. This is something stronger than love. This is lurve. If you find yourself in the extreme procrastinator category. This is for you. I have found myself there many times. Not this year. ABC's Linzie Janis is here for you. She joins us from L.A. With creative ways to have a great tame and apparent ly avoid making it look like you you too it together at the last minute. Linzie, you're wearing the color of love. Take it away. Reporter: I am, indeed. We all leave things to the last minute. If you don't have a dinner reservation or a babysitter or a gift, it's not too late to put something together and make it look like you have been planning it for weeks. It's Valentine's day. Love is in the air. But it may feel more like panic if you waited until now to get your special someone that special something. Trying to choose between chocolate and vanilla right now. Reporter: Not to worry. We have last-minute tips. Marvin of super date planners, the heart bandits says you don't need obvious go-tos like a trend they restaurant or a couple of massage to make your someone feel whisked away. It's the morning of. What do you suggest? Get their nails done, hair done. Pampered. Reporter: How do you make this look like it's been on the plans for week? Call ahead. Have strawberries and champagne brought in. Reporter: Do you know me? How did you know? They're your favorites. Reporter: To give it the shine, you can end it with a romantic dessert. A swanky live music lounge. An impressive table for two. New apps allow you to buy someone else's reservation at the hottest restaurants in town. If that all sounds overwhelming, decorating guru Francesco says in less than an hour, you can turn your dining room into a festive lover's getaway. Go to Christmas storm, get anything that's red. Cut out hearts. Pring out your favorite love songs. A white napkin, W the perfect romantic table setting. Reporter: Don't forget the gift. Experts say steer clear of drugstore chocolates and Chee Shea red roses. If you can pick T up at a gas station, it probably won't go well. For inspiration, go to your lover's Pinterest page before you go to the store. Don't give yourself up. Your Valentine has to think you've been planning this for days or weeks. Or months. I feel like you could do good planning at gas station. I think so too. Funions and sticks. And no kissing for you, Paula. This word, lurve, I didn't make it up. It's from the woody Allen movie "Annie hall." Lurve is what we have for rob

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{"id":28966998,"title":"Make Lovely Valentine's Day Plans at the Last Minute","duration":"3:28","description":"Find out how an extreme procrastinator can avoid making their plans appear thrown together at the last minute.","url":"/GMA/video/make-lovely-valentines-day-plans-minute-28966998","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}