How to Make Luxe-Looking Christmas Tree Ornaments

"The Chew" co-host Clinton Kelly shares creative ways to update your holiday decorations while sticking to a budget.
4:44 | 12/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to Make Luxe-Looking Christmas Tree Ornaments
Welcome back to "Gma." Why is T.J. Relaxing over there? He's got other people to do his work for him in the great Christmas light fight. Very smart. Some call it cheating but he's up against Jesse, of course, and gio. And we'll check in with them ahead in just a little bit. The clock is ticking. Now inside to Lara, Amy and ginger. Interesting trouble with light. There's news you can use there because there's three different techniques, up and down, there's the wrap around and then there's the triangle because putting lights on the tree is different and creating a gorgeous tree can be tricky, that's why we have this guy, "The chew" co-host Clinton Kelly will tell us how to update your ornaments on a budget with supplies from your local craft store. Let's start with the basics. I just got the tree yesterday. Starting to decorate probably this afternoon. Right. What's the first sort of great tip. A jam-packed tree looks the best but you can break the budget by spending up to $50, $100 per ornament sometimes which is crazy. I'll show you ho to make onments. I did this entire tree for $62.50 so we'll show you how to do that. If you have kid, get the kids involved. Kid-friendly crafts and also think about color. Some people like white lights and white balls but that's fine. I like color on my tree so we'll do that with lots of -- with pink and Orange and blue and purple. I think we're going to make swirl balls. Yes, we are. Let's make some swirl balls. All right. Let's go. I have one for you here. These are clear glass ornaments they're about $1.50 each and a squirt of mod podge? What is that. It's like glue or a silver dollar. Okay. You take a little bit of this craft paint. Whatever color you want to do. I'll go Orange because nothing says merry Christmas like bright Orange. I'll use pink and blue, as well, sometimes it's nice to have a couple of colors. Can I have a squirt of pink? Yes, you may. You basically swirl it around like so. You swirl. Ooh. And you keep going -- This one is for you. Oh, you know what that worked out well that you added a lot of mod podge. You tip it over on its side like that over a plastic cup and that will dry and come out looking like this. You add a little bit more paint if you feel like you didn't get enough on them. As you can see -- I actually really love that idea. I saw these online, $20 each so I was like, I can make that myself. My kids would love to did this. That's so much fun. It's an heirloom. Pretty. We have pinecones from your backyard. Exactly. They're free and I spray painted them in the color palette we're using here and what we'll do is take some of that mod podge and brush the tips as if they were covered in snow. You'll see when I put glitter on there. You're doing it delicately. I'm just jamming it right on. Whatever your technique. Yours was in a blizzard. I'm Mr. Rogers. I get into the zone. Exactly. Take your glitter and sprinkle it on. These are so cute too. Aren't these great? You know what's nice any take up a lot of space on the tree. Glistening snow. I love that. So then you glue a little wire on there and good to go, as well. I always have so much leftover wrapping paper and it bothers me. Use it for ornaments. Using hole pumps and papier-mache onments and did hole punching on leftover paper and glue them on to your onments and take another bit of mod podge and they end up looking like this and throw them on the tree and good to go. Other things we did, $5 tree topper with this ribbon. That's all it costs on the top. These letters that say gma are $1.50 each and covered them in glitter. Whole thing, $62.50. You can see Clinton on "The chew" and get the full instructions on our website plus two more bonus projects from that guy, on Yahoo! And I know you have -- Hello. What's the grinch -- grinch, do not tale anything. They're ours. He's here to help us kick off ABC family's 25 days of Christmas which starts tonight at 9:00,:00 central with "Dr. Seuss' how the grinch stole Christmas." We are so into it here but

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{"id":35507202,"title":"How to Make Luxe-Looking Christmas Tree Ornaments ","duration":"4:44","description":" \"The Chew\" co-host Clinton Kelly shares creative ways to update your holiday decorations while sticking to a budget.","url":"/GMA/video/make-luxe-christmas-tree-ornaments-35507202","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}