Drama at Ukraine Plane Crash Site

Governments dispute who gets control of the bodies of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 victims.
2:18 | 07/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drama at Ukraine Plane Crash Site
Wait for the details, but right not chaos at the crash scene. There it is live right now, investigators arriving right now, and Russian president Vladimir Putin breaks his silence overnight. And we have Teri Moran on the scene. Reporter: Good morning. The bodies have been recovered, they will leave the village today, but rebel authorities aren't telling us where. Fighting is raging not far from here, complicating the work at the site. International monitors, local machines moving large pieces of the downed plane, removing more bodies from the wreckage. And strong words from Australia's prime minister. The russian-backed rebels, having those people in control of the site, is a little like leaving criminals in control of a crime scene. Reporter: New video from local rebels after the crash. This man rummaging through a backpack. And local emergency workers carrying on the grim work of gathering bodies, turning them over to rebel authorities taking them by train. Inside these refrigerated boxcars are the remains of those in flight 317. They were out in the sun at the crash site. Their destination is unknown and in dispute. In limbo. Desperate for closure, their son and boyfriend among the misses. They have to come back, Mr. Putin, send my children home. Reporter: This rebel thinks the train could leave today, as soon as all the bodies are collected, the train will leave, he spaps and this video from Friday, apparently recovering a flight recorder, now saying they are holding both the plane's black boxes. And this audio from rebel leaders, hiding black boxes. Try to take everything you can find so is doesn't get into somebody else's hands. And the Ukrainian president ordered a cease fire, allowing the work to continue.

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{"id":24644198,"title":"Drama at Ukraine Plane Crash Site","duration":"2:18","description":"Governments dispute who gets control of the bodies of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 victims.","url":"/GMA/video/malaysian-airlines-flight-17-shot-drama-ukraine-plane-24644198","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}