SA-11 Missile Batteries Moved Out of Russia Following Plane Crash

New evidence points to Russia's involvement in the attack on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.
3:47 | 07/21/14

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Transcript for SA-11 Missile Batteries Moved Out of Russia Following Plane Crash
Now to the missile that took down the plane, learning more about where it came from and who fired it. Martha Raddatz from Washington with more. Reporter: Good morning. U.s. And Ukrainian intelligence helping to piece together the facts about who displayed the missile and who provided it. It's pointing to Russia. This morning, a U.S. Official confirms three sa-11 missile batteries recently entered Ukraine from Russia, all three left after the plane was shot down. There are an enormous array of facts that point to Russia's support for and involvement in the effort. Reporter: Ukrainian officials say one of the three missile launchers comes across the border from Russia near the Ukrainian village. Ukrainian counterintelligence releasing a phone call they say is between a Russian fighter and a military officer. The fighter saying where should E we unload this cutie? The military officer responding, is it what I'm thinking about? Yes, book, replies the rebel fighter. It reaches donetsk, just seven and a half hours before mh-17 was shot down. It appears to show the moment the missile was fired. 12 hours after the shootdown, Ukrainian officials say this missile launcher was seen heading into Russia. At least one missile missing from the launcher. This investigation is far from over, but already the Russians are denying it, saying the Ukrainians brought down the plane, George. Still sticking by the story. Thanks so much. Bring in Steven Michigan yard. Start with the black boxes. The rebels controlled them for several days, now some evidence the Russians wanted them. Are they of use anymore? Probably not of much use. We know it was brought down by an sa-11 missile. Go back to the last time the Russians brought down a commercial airliner, held on to the black boxes, the bodies, manipulated the tapes. Overnight, Russian president Vladimir Putin called for an independent investigation, it's been so compromised, anything useful there? Maybe a little bit. Metal forensics experts to see if there's explosive residue on the skin. And the shrapnel, and the warhead that brought it down has telltale clues. Most of that's moving on. I think this is sort of like you come across a crime scene, and the police drive up, and the key suspect is at the crime scene saying I'll collect the evidence. Give you what I want. So much evidence this came from the Russian missile on Ukrainian military. The only question is who fired the missile. You're right. There's a forensics intelligence. You saw the release from the embassy in kiev, that was an intelligence assessment. We're going to lay out the case based on intelligence who did it, it paint

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"New evidence points to Russia's involvement in the attack on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24644246","title":"SA-11 Missile Batteries Moved Out of Russia Following Plane Crash","url":"/GMA/video/malaysian-airlines-flight-17-shot-sa-11-missile-24644246"}