Was Malaysian Plane Communication Shut Down Deliberate?

Col. Stephen Ganyard discusses the latest theory in search for the missing jet.
3:00 | 03/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Was Malaysian Plane Communication Shut Down Deliberate?
Stephen, we heard David say leading theory, some kind of deliberate act of sabotage although it's one of many but take us inside the cockpit and explain why this points to a kind of sabotage. How difficult it was for these two communication systems to be turned off. Yeah, they're very different communication systems, George, not only in where her in the cockpit, the things they do but would have required two deliberate actions. The first one would have involved reaching up over the pilot's shoulder and pulling a circuit breaker so the circuit breakers are tiny things and writing next to them is very small so would have to know where they were looking, what they were doing and it would have had to be deliberate. 14 minutes later authorities tell us they turned off the transponder switch on a console very close to the pilot's knees or up by their hands, so these are two different acts, 14 minute as part. Done by somebody who new how to fly that airplane. Who knew what they were doing. Let's take a look at the flight path we've been speculating on so far, that flight out towards the strait of malacca and westerly direction over the huge expanse. Once the flight makes that turn it is pointing towards Europe and the middle east. We talked about this yesterday suggested the idea that it could have landed on Somalia and Yemen but appears that the plane couldn't have gone that far. That's right. But the fact that it could have flown for four or five hours after its last known position is still absolutely remarkable when you look at that radius. That's an amazing search radius. One thing interesting that came out this morning is that it was apparently flying along known flight paths so it was somebody who was still piloting the airplane like they were on a filed flight plan but they were on a route that would have taken them to Europe or to the middle east and as they made the turn over the strait of malacca they were situated on a highway in the sky that would have pointed them towards Europe. Zeroing in on foul play or sabotage but at the same time it gets difficult because the search area is so vastly expanded. You bet. There's an irony here. We know we can eliminate some of the theories out there, the massive explosions, but now we have this search area that is so large that our search and rescue effort is really almost daunting to even think about.

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{"id":22909401,"title":"Was Malaysian Plane Communication Shut Down Deliberate?","duration":"3:00","description":"Col. Stephen Ganyard discusses the latest theory in search for the missing jet.","url":"/GMA/video/malaysian-plane-communication-shutdown-deliberate-22909401","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}